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  1. Ring in the New Year by flying into Thailand VTBS Suvarnabhumi will be fully fully staffed with CTR, APP TWR Full details at https://vacc-tha.org/pilot/events/18
  2. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, vACC THAILAND will be fully staffing VTBS with GND, TWR, APP, and CTR. Join us for our inaugural event on 7 Nov 2020 1200Z-1400Z. On this occasion Per Emil Enger-Rustad will be proving both GND and TWR coverage as he takes his S2 CPT at the same time! For complete information, including scenery links, please see https://vacc-tha.org/pilot/events/17
  3. Per Emil Enger Rustad will be taking his S2 CPT at VTBS Tower 7 Nov 2020 1200Z-1400Z Fly in or out, IFR or VFR and enjoy APP and CTR at the same time Good luck, Emil, show everyone what you've learned! Detailed information including scenery at https://vacc-tha.org/pilot/events
  4. India vACC and Thailand vACC proudly welcome you to Bangkok Kolkata Express. Join us on the 17th of October from 1100z till 1500z as we depart from the City of Angels, Bangkok (VTBS) and arrive into the City of Joy, Kolkata (VECC) with FULL ATC COVERAGE on departure, arrival as well as enroute!! Where: VTBS-VECC When: 17th October, 1100z-1500z Approx. Block time: 2 Hours 45 Mins Route: TARED G463 BGO L507 AVPOP Thailand vACC event (with VTBS chart/ scenery links): https://vacc-tha.org/pilot/events/15 VTBS Freeware scenery FSX: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTe
  5. This event has been reschedules to 12 September
  6. Saturday 13 Sept 2020 1300-1500Z Both Bangkok Airports VTBS and VTBD will be staffed with GND TWR APP and CTR. Fly in or out of either or both or try VFR between! Charts and scenery at vacc-tha.org
  7. Fly in either direction between 2 tropical islands Phuket (VTSP) and Samui (VTSM) and enjoy the beautiful sunset! 16 May 2020 1100-1300Z More information at https://vacc-tha.org/pilot/events
  8. Take a virtual holiday and enjoy Thailands beautiful tropical scenery. Fly between any of these airports Phuket Island VTSP Chiang Mai (Mountain) VTCC Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Bangkok Don Muang (City) VTBS/ VTBD All will be staffed with CTR enroute Scenery can be downloaded at https://www.vacc-tha.org/pilot/scenery Enjoy your virtual holiday!
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