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  1. Hi Chriss, Please see the link to the file below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ApKHheF9SRxh5cLNvRthOwz8U7yufh2t Regards, Jason L
  2. Try this: ES sector line screenshots.docx Jason
  3. Hi Chriss, Apologies for the late reply. No there are no error messages with regards to the .ese file. Jason L
  4. I am editing the .ese file for ES and I have changed a few coordinates for "SSGMCW" and "SSGMCE", the sector lines were showing up fine before the change (screenshot with 3 red polygons), but once I updated the coordinates neither one is showing up (screenshot with 1 red polygon). Anyone know why and how I can fix this issue? Any help will be much appreciated. Jason
  5. DONE THAT but it still happen, changed nothing.
  6. Hello, My FSX crashes when I click on other tabs on the home page. My FSX started in the settings page, I click on free flight or multiplayer tab, it freezes. Any suggestions or solutions? Thanks Jason
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