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  1. Matthew I love you and want to have your babies. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi Matthew and Evan, I've been reading about the XML way to manage addons. I've noticed that on my system FLAi did not create a folder with a .xml file in the Docomeents\P3dv4 Addons folder. I created a folder and the .xml looks like this: FLAi FLAi SimObjects C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Roaming\FLAI When starting P3D I had a prompt asking me to enable FLAi which I clicked yes. vPilot scanned due to thinking there were new aircraft, and there was an FLAi model matching option which is ticked. However, there are no models to been found. Than
  3. Hi Matthew, Thanks for your quick response. The operations center did not give me an option to run as administrator, the only option was to open. I chose the default path in AppData to hopefully make things easier. When I opened up P3D after the re-install there was no prompt to enable FLAi. When opening vPilot it did not search for new aircraft and there is no FLAi model matching option, only the default. All other steps were completed and I removed the entry I made into the SimObjects.cfg. Thanks, I really do appreciate the help. Mark
  4. Hi Evan Using a clean install I installed the models into a folder I created and named FLAi within the SimObjects folder of the P3dv4 folder. Copied the texture and effects files to the P3D equivalent folders. I then added the following to the end of the simobjects.cfg with Entry.9 being the previous entry. [Entry.10] Title=Default Airplanes Path=SimObjects\FLAi\SimObjects\Airplanes Required=True Active=True Once in vPilot, I added the FLAi Model Matching.vmr, and in the advanced tab checked only the SimObjects\FLAi\SimObjects\Airplanes box which has identified 1,696 models.
  5. Hello, I've downloaded the SPAi Operations Center and have created and named a folder SPAi on my E drive (P3Dv4 installed on C drive) and extracted the packages there. In that folder I have 3 folders: Effects, SimObjects and Texure, a file named FLAI.lock and a zip file named FSXP3D. When I select the VMR file in Vpilot the rule set does not appear in my list in the advanced tab. Have I done something wrong? Best regards, Mark
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