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  1. Not too sure. I press connect, it says connected with the welcome message, then the red voice server errors come.
  2. The latest version - literally just downloaded it. Getting an array of errors from 502 - Bad Gateway, to Internal Server Errors.
  3. Keeps dying. Cant even get on sometimes
  4. ** update I can still connect to the network, but with a lot beeps and errors = [20:52:31] SimConnect Error: ERROR 1.
  5. Hey Guys, All of a sudden, When I open vPilot, Before I even press the connect to VATSIM button, it just says [20:49:11] SimConnect Error: NAME_UNRECOGNIZED 7. I've reinstalled SIMCONNECT from Redist folders, Ive uninstalled and reinstalled FSUIPC and vPilot. Not sure what to do. Any Suggestions? Luca
  6. When will this be updated?
  7. Ok, will try that when I wake up, thanks! Will get back to you
  8. VATTASTIC seems to be working, No avail on VATSPY though.
  9. "The following error occurred while attempting to load configuration object : There is a error in XML Docomeent (0,0)."
  10. Hi, VatSpy comes up with a XML error when opening the program, tried to uninstall, reboot etc, nothing. Vattastic doesnt show my plane and it says its online but no ETA, it thinks im still at KMIA. (BAW206M). I dont understand why, i have rebooted vPilot and nothing. Help?? Luca
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