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  1. Stepping in to the FE role. Can anyone provide me with access to these two things: 1. AFV Discord Server 2. AFV Station Editor Thanks
  2. I'm stepping in to the FE role. There are some things that I would like help with. 1. I need access to the AFV discord server. 2. I need access to the AFV Station Editor. Who do I need to contact for both of these?
  3. This is probably a teaching moment. Ron, in the real-world, if someone makes an initial call to you as ATC from uncontrolled, you don't know where they are. You aren't supposed to. In the real world, your callsign and flightplan are not automatically correlated to your target. In VRC, it's hard to understand this because you can see everyone's callsign even if they are uncorrelated and this is not how it should be. This is why radar identification is so important. This is why aircraft need to include a position report in their initial call. This way we know where they are. In my opini
  4. Does anyone know of any plugins for the Euroscope Simulator that allows dot commands similar to TWRTrainer?
  5. On the vERAM system, the controller is able to radar identify a target if they give an accurate position report by inputting their callsign into the system (in vERAM, it must be the correct callsign). Is this option not available in the real-world STARS system? I'm just wondering because in vSTARS, this is not the case. They must be squawking the corresponding code. This is not a critique, I'm just inquiring about the functionality of the actual STARS system.
  6. I'd gladly offer vectors around weather if I had it depicted on my scope Lol
  7. Sorry, I guess I didn't find it for that price. This is what I saw on Google:
  8. For anyone not willing to spend the money, You can purchase the Keyboard without the custom keycaps. It's $60 less, priced at $230. http://xkeys.com/xkeys/xk80.php
  9. The keyboard without the custom keys is $230. So you could get that and print your own keys. Or you can have actual keycaps for $60 more. To me, it's worth it. I understand that others may not want to pay that. Keyboard without custom keys: http://xkeys.com/xkeys/xk80.php
  10. I have previously posted that I plan on placing a order for a custom vSTARS Keyboard. In order to make this purchase, I would have to purchase 10 sets of the Keys along with the X-Keys XK-80 Keyboard. Some of you have expressed interest in purchasing one of these. The cost-per-unit is quoted at $291. 96. Since the keyboard without the custom keys is $230, I would say that it is not a dramatic price increase. I understand, however, that many will not want to pay almost 300 dollars for simulating. Just let me know who's in so we can see if we can make this purchase. Also.
  11. Thanks, I didn't know that. I'll flip those then.
  12. Waiting for them to email me back with the price quote.
  13. I would like to create one with custom keys. However, the company said I would need to buy at least 10 sets. If anyone wants a STARS Keyboard with the layout below, then let me know.
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