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  1. Last night during our event I had it on: EUR-W, UK-1 and after a while when most started migrating to it, EUR-E. Voice ATIS was getting knocked off liveatc.net and voice.vatsim.fi Pretty frustrating alright, especially when youve a few hundred movements inbound!
  2. Martin, I just want to echo everyone's comments above and thank you for a job very well done. It will be tough to find a VATEUD1 replacement as helpful and efficient as you, but your resignation is understandable. I hope we see you in the skies above Europe from time to time! Take care, Daryl
  3. Hi Sean, Default Flightsim ATC only has the one accent, but if you are flying online on VATSIM in Ireland you are most likely to be speaking to an Irish controller. Check out VATeir's website (the Irish division of VATSIM) for more details on the organisation: http://www.vateir.com See ya in the Irish skies!
  4. and be sure to check out the Worldflight USA website where you can see us operating on a live webcam feed! http://www.wfusa2007.org We'll be flying through the night here down through the US.
  5. Its slightly more complicated actually... if a member who was not a member of VATSIM UK wanted to control in the UK, they could apply for either: 1) Visiting Rights - this is where teh ATC remains a controller at their original division, but (once accepted by VATUK) are allowed control in the UK between different time periods after training on the position has been completed. And Training isnt done quickly, it can take days/weeks etc. On top of that, new controllers/visiting controllers to my knowledge will never be able to control a large international airport straight away.. they must le
  6. Hi Robbie, I dont think you seem to understand exactly how VATSIM operates. The network consists of different Regions and Divisions, all of which have their own organisational 'tree'. In the case of Heathrow, it is managed by VATSIM-UK. Aspiring controllers can only choose one division, and they must be trained specifically in that division, and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] exams etc before they can control. To my knowledge - and Im not a VATUK member - Heathrow has a restriction on ATCs controlling and they must hold a certain rating before being able to control there. Therefore, your idea
  7. James, I am not lecturing you on anything. All I said was Michal is probably busy with other commintments, and to be a bit more patient as Im sure he'll get around to an update soon.
  8. Cmon guys, Michal is saying he is aware that Shannon's boundaries need to be updated (the 10+ or how ever many emails you sent Seamus advising Michal of the required update) and Im sure he will eventually get around to fixing it. In the meantime, you have to realise that other people have other commitments in life than updating a map, so just have a bit more patience
  9. VATeir, the Irish VACC of VATSIM, are looking for a new talented web designer / programmer to improve website systems on the current website, with possibility of a complete website overhaul. As VATeir expands with new members, we believe we need to improve our website stability and functionality. The successful applicant will be appointed as part of a team initially, however, will take over complete control of webmaster duties after a short induction period. Duties of the position will include; - General Up-keep of the website, including fixing any errors which appear. - Creating
  10. I would have been going over had Ireland got through, but unfortunetely that won't be happening now. Damn Switzerland
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for the compliments! Glad you like it! Daryl
  12. Hello all, It gives me great pleasure to announce that the new VATeir (Irish VACC) website that has been under construction for months, is now officially open. This website boasts features that have never before been implemented at VATeir, and many features that have also not been implemented on other VACC websites. The following list shows the features available to pilots that the new site has; -Online Controllers and Pilots list on homepage (any VATeir controllers online or flights in our FIR will display). You can then get information on the online pilots such as altitude,
  13. I've had quite a few funny moments on VATSIM, but one I can remember was of a newbie at Dublin; TWR: "EI-xxx, squawk mode Charlie please" EI-xxx: "Roger, squawking mode China" I couldn't speak for about a minute afterwards
  14. wow, lucky you! Youve given me an idea for when I get my PPL!
  15. Hi Jorge, I had this problem a while ago, and realised it was to do with the FS multiplayer. Basically, if you are using FS2004, you must join the SB Relay session, and not host a session of your own. That was what my problem was, so if you have been hosting in FS2004, join instead. Daryl
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