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  1. This happens when the FF transponder is set to Standby. Flick the switch to 'Auto' and the aircraft will start sending the correct transponder code.
  2. What's your Stream Deck model number? I believe the latest hardware revision (20GAA9902) doesn't currently work with the AFV application.
  3. Normally, but Farnborough isn't on that list! Which I think is the issue here. @Jeff Hall With regards to Farnborough, it's the same as Gatwick: LTC_SW - LTC_S - LTC - LON_D - LON_S - LON_SC - LON I'll point it out and see if it can be added to the area sector list
  4. I don't have my own public IP address as my ISP uses CGNAT and have no issues using VATSIM or AfV. As far as I understand it, if someone has access to an IPv4 address, even if they're behind ISP NATs, they should still be able to use VATSIM. Are there any ISPs that offer IPv6 only? I'm not aware of any. That doesn't sound like a very useful service at the moment.
  5. Hi, I don't know if this is a Euroscope issue or a vatsim.net issue. What source does Euroscope use for METARs? Recently, ES has randomly given me random out of date METARs amongst the correct METARs. I've just been on EGCC_1_APP and had the correct 1750z METAR: EGCC 041750Z AUTO 07010KT 9999 FEW035 13/05 Q1021 This was correct as per metar.vatsim.net (as well as NOAA): Then I randomly got this new METAR from 0020z: Other controllers adjacent to me reported having the correct 1750z METAR, and pressing 'GET METAR' in the ATIS popup
  6. Hi, I've just came across this thread, so I'm a little late but I've noticed the new Scottish Control STC position isn't included: EGPX|Scottish|STC| Additionally, for any future updates, no airports in Equatorial Guinea are currently defined in VATSPY: Equatorial Guinea|FG| FGAB|Annobon|-1.410278|5.621944||FCCC|0 FGBT|Bata|1.905556|9.805556||FCCC|0 FGMY|President Obiang Nguema Int|1.690000|11.023889||FCCC|0 FGSL|Malabo|3.755278|8.708611||FCCC|0 Also, a couple of other airports I've noticed missing from the 2016 update (that have traffic and/or ATC regularly):
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