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  1. Hi Harry, I now expect that you are correct, but unfortunately I don't have the necessary permissions to test this. Perhaps someone "in the know" could either confirm or refute your hypothesis.
  2. Hi, My Euroscope plugin needs to determine when the connected controller is using the sweatbox server. We have tried using the function CPlugIn::GetConnectionType(), but this always returns CONNECTION_TYPE_DIRECT even when connected to the sweatbox server. I was expecting that it would return CONNECTION_TYPE_SWEATBOX. Does anyone know why this is, or under what exact conditions CONNECTION_TYPE_SWEATBOX is returned? Thanks, Dave www.vstrips.co.uk
  3. Fair enough ... Thanks for the answer. We will coordinate communications directly (using a server approach) That'd be great! Matt will fill you in and we can discuss through the project's dropbox or get Matt to let you have my email address.
  4. Hi Sam, That's kind of you ... First, I will arrange the web-space ... errrrm Where do people go to get free web space these days? (The only name that I can recall is AngelFire - I bet they don't even exist anymore) I guess, what I'm after is a "simple" cgi script that will allow set, get and delete of an IP address against a callsign ... I doubt there'd ever be more than 50 on the go at once. Something like this? http://blah.com/set.cgi?callsign=EGSS_GND?IP= http://blah.com/get.cgi?callsign=EGCC_N_TWR http://blah.com/delete.cgi?callsign=EGLC_TWR As you
  5. Sam: My backup plan was perhaps to use a free dynamic DNS server and have one instance become the server for all others, (messy I know since some intelligent hand-off would then be needed). I suspect that your suggestion of getting hold of some web-space would be simpler ... I just didn't fancy the idea of writing the server script ... Ho hum Thanks for the source offer; I'm using C# (.NET) which already has some nice components for requesting and receiving over http. [i code very little these days ] Luke: As you're probably aware, there are ways of discovering you
  6. Hey all, Sorry if this has been covered before ... It's very useful for plugins to be able to process a received private message, but it would be fantastically useful if plugins could also send a private message. In this way a plugin could talk (privately) to another instance running elsewhere. I want to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] some small pieces of information, like maybe swapping IP addresses so that they could then talk direct. Any ideas/thoughts?
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