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  1. Thanks so much for the "Swift" reply! I really look forward to this development. To be honest, it's just frustrating to have at least 50% extra fps to play with and not being able to take advantage of it on line! Thanks again for you efforts , Robin
  2. The new X-Plane 11.50b1 with Vulkan gives really impressive frame rate increases (good bye "we're going to disconnect you" messages?) However, it would appear that, with Vulkan, none of the VATSIM or IVAO pilot clients display other on-line aircraft, which, in most circomestances makes on-line flying a no-no. I am presuming that work is underway with Swift to make this excellent program compatible with Vulkan as I am sure that when 11.50 is released as a non-beta most folks who can will choose Vulkan due to the performance improvement. So, really, this post is just to seek confirma
  3. Maybe this is the way it is supposed to work. I have SWIFT minimised, with just the Navigator Bar showing on my X-Plane Screen. I have set up the "Alt" key as my Push-to-Talk in Swift. When I press the Alt key, I get the "squelch" noise, but I am no longer "on top" in my X-Plane Window. I have to press the X-Plane Icon on the Task-bar (twice) to get back to having my X-Plane window "on top". Is this the way it should work, or am I missing a setting in Swift.
  4. Thanks. Found the window with the settings. Still finding my way around Swift. Was ticked of by an ATC Controller for having my audio too loud! I've jusy found the sliders to control that as well/
  5. I like Swift a lot, but I find it annoying to have to toggle the Swift window back and forward. Is there a way to see the Text/Chat messages on screen without the Swift window being present? Thanks, Robin
  6. I think it was the AFV server? I maximised the SWIFT window, chose UK1 as my server choice and it connected OK
  7. When I try and connect with the SWIFT GUI, I firstly get a message telling me my set up is OK and there are no problems, but when I actually press the "connect" button I get a "Connection failed:timeout messag"e Can anyone suggest a possible reason and fix
  8. I have seen several threads relating to problems setting up audio on Xsquawkbox when used with XP11. I myself am having issues trying to set up the audio, ( although I asked for an online radio check and got a "readability 5" report). Can I ask the question as to whether Xsquawkbox will be continued to be developed for XP11? I realise, of course, that XP11 is still in Beta Thanks for any info.
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