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  1. This post is a simple question for those that have more hours on VA's than me. I have joined 3 VA's. Deltava, virtualunited and joinava. Of the 3 the one That I like the most is definitely Deltava. Their Client/Server software is outstanding. Their Acars Client is incredibly detailed and their Java Based Server is top of the line, no doubt about it. But to get to this level of greatness, they need a lot of data from their Acars Client (DVACARS). At this point, X-plane is limited to Xacars, which provides quite a lot less data than DVACARS. So for me, the problem with Delta, is tha
  2. Luke I think I just made a mistake, too. Cheers! Luke And what mistake did you make, Luke ?
  3. Please make sure your VA supports the software that you're using. Don't make the same mistake I made when I chose the wrong [NAMELESS] VA and invested quite a lot of effort just to find out I could not fly a Check Ride with my software.
  4. I'm pretty certain that VA's are not regulated in any fashion by Vatsim like Airlines in the real world, but since Vatsim is the FAA of US simmers, I would like to ask someone in Vatsim that is familiar with VA's operations. If I have an issue with my VA, and no one in their upper level staff, like President of operations, Vice President, etc. does not answer my emails or forum posts , is there any way that I can get their attention ? Is there a "General Grievance Form" I can submit to try to get their attention ??? Thanks in advance
  5. The problem is no ACARS. I'm sure is better than XACARS. The problem is FS9 or FSX. The flight dynamics and controls are so difficult even the simple act of lining up to a runway and safely slowing down is a mission. Maintaining airspeed or Altitude without A/P is almost impossible. If I could control the flight as good as I do with X-Plane I wouldn't be making such a fuss about it.
  6. When you say "regular check rides", are you talking about 737 captain program for instance ? Because if that is the case, I'm sure I can take the Vatsim Online Pilot P1 somewhere else and keep on advancing on Delta as I've been doing. I just don't want to take check rides on FS9 and continue gathering hours and flight legs on X-plane. I want to use all X-Plane
  7. I truly believe Xacars is a great plugin, not like many FSx or FS9' ers say . It has helped log flights with or without VATSIM and adds a lot to the realism that comes with starting a plane's engines out of the gates from scratch. Delta people are telling me that Vatsim is the one that places the rules on how to file a PIREP, but I've vistited at least 2 more VA's that "Seem" to support XACARS for the checkride. Don't take me wrong. I like the structure of Delta. I like their pilot rankings system, all their resources and the ease at which you advance. I just don't like their "mic
  8. Thanks Ernesto. I didn't know FSInn and Squackbox were different programs
  9. Just to share my experience with any one facing my situation. After installing, configuring and trying to learn again MS FS9 (I did'nt want to spend the money on FSX if you're asking me), I come to realize that X-Plane is such an advance in realism, flight dynamics, graphics quality and all-in-all miles ahead of any Microsoft Product. Yesterday I said, what that heck, let's try this thing. The FSINN menu (squackbox) is so daunting to use I could not even connect to Vatsim. Trying to capture and ILS and actually land the plane is an adventure in its own. Cycling in views delays and ev
  10. I finally was able to make xacars work with my VA and logged quite a few flights with it. I p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the written exams for Online Pilot and took my check ride yesterday to the surprise that the xacars protocol does not supply enough information for the criteria that Delta requires. I'm now "forced" to have to invest in MS fsx , their airplanes and all the software / plugins / nightmare involved. Is there any other Vatsim Officla Test Recognized Airline that can give me the ranking that I'm looking for and that supports X-Plane ?
  11. Even though I'm new to Vatsim, I really liked my experience last night in Bogota, Colombia. It was just ground service, as the rest (APP,CTR,TWR) where offline. Very professional, courteous and willing to help. Kudos Bogota Ground !!!
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