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  1. Since ADS-B has been implemented over the oceanic, the voice is not as congested as when all pilots had to make position reports. In the increase of traffic that has been seen throughout the whole network, the oceanic is from time to time pretty cramped on normal week days aswell. But I fully agree to give it a go for a voice clearence - it's much more fun for both the controller and the pilot.
  2. Hello Andreas, To your question with the NATTRAK system, you can always drop the controller with a private message saying "Hey, I have submitted a clearence request via the website.". Then either the controller will issue the clearence or he will say that he is, for several reasons, unable to do the website clearence right now and that you should call him on voice/text for clearence. To your other thing, I never use acars when I control or fly across the Atlantic myself. Since the implementation of ADS-B coverage over the Atlantic on VATSIM, everything have become more simple i.e.
  3. Hello Ryan, As Alistair said above, the controller will provide service to all aircrafts in the airport. If you have a center (xxxx_CTR) controller online, and you are unsure whether he covers the field you are at, do not hessitate to send him a message and ask if he controls the field you are at:). Enjoy,
  4. I would also like to give my two cents on this: There are different events all over the network which is basically events for new pilots on VATSIM to get going the proper way. Last one was Sunday within VATSIM Scandinavia, and the controllers were told to be a little extra tolerant and speak a little slower than usual. From what I've heard, this were a great succes and many new pilots flew at this event - I would highly recommend these events 🙂 There is no harm in saying "say again" - and I'm sure that the controllers would be more than happy to help you out, if there is something th
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