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  1. Kai, xPilot works with XP 11.50beta not 10.41. You also need to set up you model matching again. Read release notes
  2. Running xPilot with XP 11.50b3 (and earlier), XP crashes on close down. log.txt indicates that xPilot plugin is the cause. Other plug-ins are closing correctly.
  3. Make sure in Windows Sounds settings that you do not have the volume reduction on other sounds. You need it set to 100%.
  4. Ensure you are using the latest version of ES 3.2q(r23). Once connected at your position check that Primary and Text RCX/TX are ticked. Opening AFV should display you controller position and green RX/TX buttons. If not, click + and type in your controller position (eg EGPD_TWR).
  5. XPilot still has some issues particularly with other aircraft position updates when viewed from the cockpit. A good alternative for XP11 is the Swift Alpha release or Swift with the AFV Standalone app. It is more complex to set up but far more stable.
  6. See new temporary policy on use of 122.8 viewtopic.php?f=158&t=80012
  7. Just had feedback that you (LUKK_GND) have a transmitter located at EGCC. You need to contact your local tech experts.
  8. Sorry I don't understand your reply. You should have ES 3.2a.r32 and the AFV standalone 1.6.22 working together. I was referring to the ES comms setup (headphone icon). It is in the frequency panel that you need to set the Voice Server to something other than uk.voice.vatsim.net. I use NONE.
  9. A suggestion. Make sure you ES CC GMC server is modified to none (remove on voice server address).
  10. I have tested xPilot and for me it works. There is a major issue with the new AFV codec limiting the maximum number of connections so you may need to try one of the least used servers rather than your normal one. If the server limit is full (148 limit each) you will get a connection error. This issue is being investigated. Ensure that you only have ONE pilot client plugin present in /resources/plugins or disable those you are not using. To install xPilot you must close XP11. Also your aircraft radio system must be switched on and working for AFV audio to work - like a real
  11. Squawkbox is not compatible with the new AFV voice system. You need to use XSquawkbox and the AFV Standalone app. Alternatives are xPilot or Swift Alpha. See https://audio.vatsim.net/docs/2.0/pilots/xsb
  12. Seeing the same problem with underground aircraft. However, aircraft horizontal positioning is now accurate with low server traffic load. Will check later when system becomes heavily loaded.
  13. All aircraft are being displayed below airfield altitude and only appear when airborne. Labels can be seen so the aircraft are there. There is a vertical offset issue similar to the semi-submerged problem you get with Swift.
  14. What you are seeing is that the aircraft are underground and only appear when they take off. There is a vertical offset issue.
  15. Your screenshot are not accessible. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you are using XP11 on Mac. For XSB or Swift to work you also need the AFV standalone windows only app. Only xPilot will you have a Mac only solution. Unfortunately, xPilot has a aircraft display delay that is being worked on.
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