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  1. Hi all, I am writing a Plugin for ES from which I need to send pilots a text message if they are flagged as text-only. I am using DisplayUserMessage() to do this. However somehow if I p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the controller frequency as the handler name I get what seems to be a duplicate version of the frequency chat. if (!ControllerMyself().IsValid()) return; CGrountToAirChannel channel = GroundToArChannelSelectFirst(); while (!channel.GetIsPrimary()) channel = GroundToArChannelSelectNext(channel); std::stringstream ss; ss <&l
  2. No I haven't. But in the meantime I've got things working again (after another fresh windows install). As it turns out, my router had some issues, after a factory reset i have no further issues! Thanks all for thinking with me. Arnoud
  3. I did, and unfortunately nothing, not even the Sweatbox server reachable Further info, I get the following messages when starting EuroScope (so not even trying to connect): Error: VATSIM data is older than 20 minutes Info: VATSIM data downloaded with 0 pilots and 0 controllers I am on EuroScope 3.2a(r17) Arnoud
  4. Dear all, Somehow, I cannot seem to log in as ATC station with EuroScope, after a fresh OS install. A few seconds after trying to log in I get the following error message: Error: Connection closed with error code: 10060 After some Googling I think this has something to do with the connection request timing out. I tried pinging the servers but that timed out as well. I then tried to allow the Vatsim server addresses through firewall, still no success. Does anyone have a solution for this? Regards, Arnoud
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