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  1. Sorry, cannot do one thing . . . . . - Universal Pilot Client (client ver: FS9, FSX, P3d and X-Plane. Platforms: Windows, Linux and MAC-OS) - Improved Voice Codec - Basic Pilot Test/Exam.
  2. NOAA Metars working here Robert. What version of ServInfo are you using ? How are you filtering the results - by Code or by Region ? The Ivao section will not work as I believe that the old site is hard coded into the program (http://www.ivao.org) and is not held in a dat or ini file, so cannot be changed.
  3. Bob Follow the steps in this post ( http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=20466) exactly, Including the one where you need to enter the VATSIM Servers. (http://faq.apollo3.com/ljames/fsinn/vatsim/data/showservers.pl)
  4. Well, In a round about way, VATSIM is a victim of its own success. We all started out with various levels of Squawkbox and ProController and various add-ons that would enable multiplayer service. The Common Shapes library was amazing. You could have someone next to you on the tarmac which would render as a fuselage with 4 sides . . . . and we loved it. Then we got more adventurous - VOICE . . . wow - some jumped in, some where hesitant but more and more people took it up. There were frequent disconnections "say again" "what" "zzzz . . . pop" "silence .........." Then the controller
  5. Could check:- Display drivers & Memory - how is this arranged ? 3 x 2Gb sticks or 2 x 3Gb sticks ? Could remove one of them one at at time, and see if the problem persists ?
  6. Robbie, If you are going to do a complete re-install, you must use "Uninstall" from within windows before you do this. This will hopefully erase/delete registry settings which "could" be one of your issues. However, before doing that, I would go with Larrys advice. - Remove all the dll files from the Modules folder apart from the stock FS9 one's. - Remove all your saved flights. - Remove all your addon Scenery Folders !! What was the last item of FS software you installed or configured before this happened ? What was the last item of Non FS software you installed or configur
  7. Bob, this forum is for the XSquawkbox pilot Client, which is used in the X-Plane flight simulator by Laminar Research. If you are seeing traffic in FSInn then you are using MS Flight Simulator and you need to go here :- http://forums.vatsim.net/viewforum.php?f=39 or here http://squawkbox.ca/forum/
  8. Hi Gary, Looks like you have interesting times ahead. You may find a better response on the VATSIM-UK forums. http://community.vatsim-uk.org/index Rob
  9. The link that Kyle has given above will lead you here :-http://linksmanager.com/vatsimvas/directory5.html - The European VA section. Have a look through for the various UK VA's.
  10. Hi Dominik, I think this vACC would like to hear from you :-vACC Slovakia - Might want to contact the project leader. However there is a coding error on the page so I would also contact the following person (email or pm) Thomas George - vateud2[at]vateud.org
  11. Hello Sunil, The complete installation link can be found here Vatsim FSInn Forum Help - Install I think the part you are most interested in is the servers Feel free to post in the above forum if you have any problems.
  12. Larry meant to say :-" If it says 32-bit Operating System you're running x86. If it says 64-bit Operating System, you're running x64."
  13. Kyle, Try these, I believe they both work with FSX/Vista, they also have a 30 day trial and Free versions . . Avast :- http://www.avast.com/ AVG :- http://free.avg.com/
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