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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the same day as the San Juan FNO?
  2. Which VACC? (Since VATCAR isn't doing it anymore.) And aren't pull requests for people who actually know how to program the differences themselves?
  3. Thanks! Has it been updated to reflect the fact that LTBB_CTR still exists (last I checked) in the VATSIM universe, despite having been retired in real life, and the fact that Adria Radar covers top-down instead of just FL245 and up?
  4. I'm not sure how to contact VATCAR about this (vatspy.vatcar.org is a broken link now), but I would like the next update to include not only both LTFM and LTBA--since they're both going to be staffed from time to time according to Turkey vACC--but also the LTBB_CTR since it still exists on VATSIM and is frequently staffed. I have sometimes reverted to an older VATSpy update when flying in Turkey so that I can see LTBB_CTR, but that update doesn't have Adria Radar on it. Furthermore, I have been told that ADR_CTR is a true Center, providing top-down coverage, and so it should not be shown to
  5. I've got a comment and a question. First, the comment: It looks as though EDDH is having an overload event during CTP. This provides a neat opportunity: An additional arrival airport for those who didn't get a slot and/or just want to fly to a different airport this year! Now for the question: The time window for CTP departures has been posted, but what is roughly the time window for arrivals at CTP airports?
  6. This looks like a very enjoyable event! Is it necessary to book a flight in order to be entered into the drawing?
  7. I like to follow the routes on Flightaware for my airline flights; I'm mostly asking for general aviation purposes, and for flights that are shorter than a US SID/STAR (since US STARs tend to be extremely long, sometimes spanning several states).
  8. is it unnecessary to file an IFR flightplan with a SID/STAR/airway? For example, it doesn't always make sense to use a SID and a STAR for short flights in light aircraft, and I've noticed that some airlines don't follow the airways in real life; they just file a list of waypoints. Furthermore, what are the differences--if any--between the answers to this question in the USA and Europe?
  9. One more thing: Since BGSF has radar coverage, does BIRD_CTR control it when it's not manned by someone else, or does somebody else do that?
  10. Thanks for the explanation! I'm planning on doing the BGSF-BIKF route tomorrow, and it's good to know that I may be in controlled airspace even when it appears I am not. As for the VATSpy update, I've installed it, and it still doesn't light up Greenland when BIRD_CTR is online (apparently because that area is labeled "Sondrestrom FIR").
  11. I just use flightaware.com to see what stand the flight I'm flying most recently left (e.g. I'm planning on doing DAL1821 from KDTW-CYYZ tonight, and I'm going to depart the stand that it's scheduled to depart). I'd like a good one for Europe, though--I feel like I'm going to depart EGLL or someplace and a bunch of pilots who know the area are going to be seeing this one EZY pushing back from the BAW terminal or something. (Speaking of which, is there a freeware scenery update out there that has the square-shaped EGLL Terminal 2 that's on the current charts?)
  12. Hi! I'm planning a flight from BGSF to BIKF, and I have been reading through the guide to Greenland from the VATSIM-Scandinavia page. I have some questions about how the airspace authority "trickles down" during times when not every position is online: 1) I see BIRD_CTR online a lot more than the other stations of the Reykjavik CTA (e.g. BGGL_FSS). VATSpy only shows BIRD_CTR as covering the area around Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and the docomeent says that there is a radar station (usually unmanned on VATSIM) called BIRD_W_CTR that would cover central Greenland with radar service if
  13. I would add that vRoute.info is a great program for exporting flight plans to the simulator, and includes the SIDs/STARs for the biggest airports free of charge. There is a premium version for around 20-25 EU (not going to Google the exact price right now) that gives you access to the SIDs and STARs for a lot of different airports that aren't on their "free biggest airports" list. The payware version also has the option to export to a variety of payware FMC's, though I'm not sure about your particular product as I don't use it. One rewarding feature is that you can add routes to their da
  14. Any good (freeware) place to find the most current STAR charts for LYBE? I'm creating a route for vRoute, and I want a reference of which waypoints are used as STAR fixes.
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