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  1. Is this real? I can't help but think that there is something amiss here.... Like others have said Robbie, your enthusiasm cannot be faltered but are you actually listening to what the other guys and gal are saying? Graham
  2. I have been part of a few over the last 7 years and here would be my best tips:- 1.) Don't think too big, aim for fewer pilots as makes for a closer nit organisation. 2.) Think about trying to automate your Pilots/Pirep systems, it makes for less work. 3.) If you want to shadow a RW airline, then get permission as you don't want to be stepping on anyones toes. 4.) Try and get a top level domain, nothing is more offputting than a 'free' hosted site. (All the pop up ads) 5.) Have a fleet ready to go and try and make the livery stand out, nice to have good looking aircraft and is attracti
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