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  1. Yey! I deleted every SimConnect.xml files i found on my computer (also those from P3d), reinstalled vPilot, and now its working! Don't know which file that caused the interference, but it worked. Thank you 🙂
  2. Might be! But it was a few years ago. I think that was accordance with running Active Sky on a server computer. But i can't remember what files i manipulated. Probably SimConnect.xml and SimConnect.cfg. Do you know where these files are located? And if there is a way to revert them to their original state?
  3. Hello, everytime i try to start vPilot, it won't connect with MSFS2020. I am using FSUIPC and SPAD.next, therfore simconnect should not be a issue. (See attachment) I tried: - To read the FAQ - With both vPilot version 2.6.5 and 2.6.6. - Reinstalling with and without admin mode - Started both simulator and vPilot with and without admin mode. What i think could be the reason: - Installed MSFS2020 on a seperate SSD - Ran vPilot previously on a network with P3D Anyone who might have a idea?
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