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  1. Jason, While I'm not a developer, I am curious what you have in mind for this program. Currently, ZBW is using Euroscope to run TRACON sessions, and while it's far from perfect it allows us to input routes, simulates ground speeds, and we can program an altitude restriction so it's descend-via-ish. Is the idea for a program that runs through vSTARS (such as the real TRACON training system they use), or something new similar to Euroscope? What sort of features are you trying to implement that we don't have in current training solutions?
  2. It's fairly common for real world controllers to work multiple frequencies, especially at less busy airports or less busy times. I did my initial training our of Norwood, MA (KOWD) and I cannot remember more than one time when the ground and tower frequencies were actually split and being worked by different controllers. The airport I fly out of now, Smyrna, TN (KMQY) is hit or miss. You'll see the same thing with terminal or en-route radar positions, where one controller will work multiple frequencies. Sometimes they'll just have everyone change over to a single frequency, or sometimes they'l
  3. Glad to hear you enjoy the service, Noel! Always a pleasure to hear you on frequency. Warm regards,
  4. I'm not as familiar with non-RNAV procedures in Europe, but I can speak more to the US side of things. FAA (United States) flight plans have aircraft type codes in the form XXXX/Y, where the X's are the actual type (ex. B732) and the Y is what's known as an equipment suffix. /L, for example, is RNAV/GPS and RVSM, so most modern airliners. /W would be a non-RNAV, RVSM capable aircraft, such as an origination B732 or 727. While RNAV routes are more the "norm" these days, there are non-RNAV procedures. A non-RNAV aircraft will be able to fly using V or J airways (NOT T or Q) in the US, and can al
  5. Maybe, I honestly have no idea what the specific limits of the system are.
  6. Unfortunately I'm not sure. I'd guess it does it for any targets that the MIT indicator is showing up for, but I can't say with certainty.
  7. Ross, I remembered some additional information in the car today regarding those MIT indicators. It would factor in ground speed, and if the planes were forecast/predicted to have between 3.5 and 3 MIT (may be getting those values wrong), it would turn orange/amber. If it was forecast to drop below 2.5nm (the real world minimum, so we'd want to go with 3 for VATSIM), it would turn red. Hope this helps!
  8. To provide a little more clarity, I found some photos of what I was talking about. Notice the destination in the "plus scratchpad" for N3122U (also the scratchpad entry of P070, which we have on vSTARS already!), as well as the MIT indicators on the aircraft on the 4R approach on the other screenshot. (Side note, check out the wx radar and fusion.... ). Hope this is useful Ross!
  9. Join the controllers of Boston Virtual ARTCC for this one of a kind ATC marathon event! We will be staffing Boston Center, continuously, from November 30 at 1600z (1100 ET) until December 3 at 0400z (2300 ET). In addition to the 60 Hours of ATC, we will be hosting our Fall FNO on Friday, November 30 from 2359 to 0400z (1900 to 2300 ET) featuring General Edward Lawrence Logan Airport (KBOS).
  10. Join the controllers and frequent pilots of the Boston Virtual ARTCC for an evening in Connecticut. The focus is on the Y90 Bradley TRACON area, including KORH, KHFD, KCEF, and, of course, KBDL. We'll be staffing up the facility from 1900-2300 ET [2300-0300Z]. All types of traffic are welcome across the area and the entire ARTCC, be it your local flying club doing some VFR, your VA operating scheduled flights, or just a fun little jaunt in your Cessna from point A to point B, we'll be turning up the heat for our controllers and shooting for a busy Sunday night. We hope to see you there!
  11. Based off a tour of the A90 Boston Consolidated TRACON today, I have a couple requested features and some justifications below. I think that adding these will lead to a greatly more immersed experience and allow controllers to more closely align their controlling to that of their real world counterparts. Scratchpads There are two possible scratchpads on the real STARS, both of which we have, but not to the full extent of real world. The plus scratchpad "+" is currently used for only entering temporary altitudes (+030 will enter 030 in the third line of the data block). In the real STAR
  12. The routes have been finalized. More details can be found on the Booking website, as well as general guidance and the pilot briefings for the event. We can't wait to see you in the skies tomorrow! BERGI1S BERGI UL602 MIMVA L602 NALAX L46 REMSI KUGUR PIKIL 57/20 59/30 59/40 58/50 CUDDY QUBIS SKEEE RUT EEN JFUND JFUND2 GORLO UL980 LAM UL10 BPK UN601 LESTA UP6 RODOLUL28 PENIL M144 RESNO 56/20 58/30 58/40 57/50 HOIST N735A TOPPS AJJAY OOSHN5
  13. I'm excited to announce that ALL bookings are now filled for this event! Pilots can expect an email tonight (as well as a post here) with the final routes. Interested in flying but don't have a slot? We'll do our best to get you in. Please bring extra fuel and expect delays however, as we are going to try and keep those who signed up on their slot times. Please also check this post for the finalized routes; flying a random route will make our jobs as controllers much harder and will lead to additional delays for sequencing. I can't wait to see you all in the skies tomorrow! It's going
  14. One week to go until the Holland America line opens on vatsim! 8 Hours of packed airspace, 2 of the biggest hubs fully staffed & a FlyTampa giveaway! Book your slot now before it's too late. https://booking.dutchvacc.nl/ Come join the Boston Virtual ARTCC and Dutch VACC for a long-haul, trans-Atlantic, inter-division jamboree! From 1100 till 1400 UTC on Sunday, July 29th, we'll have Amsterdam Airport Schiphol staffed to the gills to accommodate departures, and will have all en route facilities staffed for a flight to Boston Logan Airport, where the Boston Virtual ARTCC will provide
  15. On behalf of the Boston Virtual ARTCC and Dutch VACC, I'm extremely excited to announce that this event is now being sponsored by FlyTampa! The popular scenery developer will be giving away two copies of EACH Boston Logan and Amsterdam Schiphol Airports, so four sceneries in total! To win, all you need to do if book a flight using theevent website, and fly with that route and callsign. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted by email a few days after the event. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 29th!
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