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  1. After requesting push and start i was told by the GND controller at LIS to sqwuak MODE Charlie. I had my 737NG transponder at ALT OFF so I turned it on to ALT ON / XPDNR Why is the controller asking this? I know real world ops pilots use ALT OFF on the ground.
  2. Hi, I have Cpflight 737 transponder panel for my 737 homecockpit. The controller said squawk ident so on that panel i pressed the ident button but nothing happened. Does anyone know how i could connect this button to vpilot? Or does anyone know if it uses FSUIPC offsets
  3. got it working but how do i set PTT on 2nd pc remote with voice if im using a yoke on my main pc
  4. Ok, running remote on 2nd PC and host on P3D PC. I keep getting errors and crashes - Error performing version check And; Error updating model matching Also when i connect i keep getting unhandled exception has occured in your application
  5. Hi, Is it possible to run vpilot on my second PC and have my headset plugged into that pc and still hear atc?
  6. Sorry! I may have found the problem as in FSUIPC i never had the extend battery life? Maybe thats it?
  7. Some reason its working now after switching to a default plane ahaha
  8. Avionics are on. I’m using Prosim 737 but can check with a default plane
  9. Ok just updated to V4.2 and Vpilot isn’t working. It’s connecting but when i enter an active airport freq the top right corner of the vpilot interface doesn’t go blue. I have tried multiple controllers and no freq connects?
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