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  1. After requesting push and start i was told by the GND controller at LIS to sqwuak MODE Charlie.


    I had my 737NG transponder at ALT OFF so I turned it on to ALT ON / XPDNR


    Why is the controller asking this? I know real world ops pilots use ALT OFF on the ground.

  2. Hi,


    I have Cpflight 737 transponder panel for my 737 homecockpit.


    The controller said squawk ident so on that panel i pressed the ident button but nothing happened. Does anyone know how i could connect this button to vpilot? Or does anyone know if it uses FSUIPC offsets

  3. Ok, running remote on 2nd PC and host on P3D PC.


    I keep getting errors and crashes -


    Error performing version check




    Error updating model matching


    Also when i connect i keep getting unhandled exception has occured in your application

  4. Ok just updated to V4.2 and Vpilot isn’t working.


    It’s connecting but when i enter an active airport freq the top right corner of the vpilot interface doesn’t go blue. I have tried multiple controllers and no freq connects?

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