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  1. Currently released many freeware of korean airports for FSX/P3D. https://sepi.iptime.org/ RKSS, RKPC, RKPK
  2. This is an incurable disease in the windows 8/8.1. FSUIPC? More sufficient USB power supply? anyone doesn't prevent disappearing. Just need to stay FSX.EXE to main focus. Next is my solution.-> If loss joystick, Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and Press Esc to recover FSX. then sometime recovered joystick.
  3. the Docomeents folder was forced Hangul character '문서'(Munseo,equivalent to Docomeent) so changed forced '문서' to 'Docomeents' then VRC seem to works.
  4. Hi I'm running Windows 8.1 64bit Korean edition and trying use for VRC. but VRC is seem to be unable locating VRC.ini file. Tried reinstall, changing non-unicode locales, move to folder by non Program Files(x86) directory. On checked reinstaller's progress, VRC.ini and sound files are installed non C:\Users\aaa\Docomeents\VRC folder, directly C:\Users\aaa\VRC. So i did these moved manually in the Docomeets but nothing is changed.
  5. Hello, sorry for reading my poor english. I'm very appreciated for developed and maintained vPilot. but that have small corruption, In Option and Connect, Flightplan Dialog Window is looks like have cutted bottom button at half. I have uploaded that situation's screenshot. http://u2em.pe.kr/201405041.jpg How about this? I'm running Windows 8.1 Core as Korean edition. It has 9pt height fonts, .Net framework 3.5/4.0. well, Most softwares has their buttons to standardized postion and i would use just them by naturally pattern.
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