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  1. After one week of flying an 33 active teams here are the standings! Late entry is allowed. Come and fly with us. First checkpoint is AYMH! Good luck to all racers!
  2. https://discord.gg/Rx6wUHQ Who says you can't travel the world in style these days? Get a team of adventurers together for the expedition of a lifetime! The most esteemed society of exploring pilots has invited you to a very exclusive race around the world where only the most intrepid and skilled pilots will survive to see the finish line! See you in London City on the 13th!! Join Vatsim pilots for a race around the world consisting of 80 Legs to be flown in 80 days, From the creators of Antarctic Resupply comes your chance to fly around the world with a big group of pilots. C
  3. @kirk, yeah absolutely if you want to start at Hobart be my guest More than 100Tons alreasdy flown and thousands of scientist. Join us this week for deliveries deep into antarctica!
  4. Event starts today! You can join even late! Come and have fun!
  5. Hey Joaquin, your sim should have data for most fields in Antarctica. We also have several scenery that we recommend using.
  6. Hey Deon the event goes from 12Z on the 27/01 to 12Z 27/02 Cheers
  7. Yep! also info is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Deep_Freeze
  8. You know people are going to reconnect anyways right away right? i was getting 50 fps when it disconnected me it dropped momentarily while going through clouds. btw but thats not the point. i actually only have had 2 disconnects since the changes. this needs to be resolved via education and not technical blocks. imho
  9. You should probably not disconnect people if AGL is below 500ft and Landing gear is under pressure. I was disconnected on very short final after having an uneventful flight. And reconnecting while trying to fly the aircraft is super dangerous.
  10. From the creators of Vatsim Pandemic: It's summer in the science continent. Antarctica is the most extreme of places for pilots, and for the second year we get to help scientists from all over the world to prepare for the winter months by bringing supplies, scientists and fuel to the most remote and isolated places in the whole world. https://discord.gg/zHvSdrj We would love to have controllers helping out with McMurdo FIS.... nobody ever uses it..... Objective: Bring over to Antarctica in one month 4000 Tons of Cargo 3500 People to several stations in the continent. Rules:
  11. On a frequency sometimes (twice in 8 hour flight) volume of controller went from normal to very distorted and very loud, including the music of a youtube video i was watching also went very loud.
  12. Today on approach there was some chatty guys on frequency talking on text. Every time he sent a text message my plane stutter for a few frames then continued as normal. This made my landing really weird as it froze for 0.25 secs everytime Gnd or a Player sent a text message. Xplane Stable Version 4K display + 1080P display as a second monitor, vsync on and FF 757
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