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  1. Hello! As PMDG released the Cargo expansion for the NGXu I wondered if we will be able to select the 737-800 BCF (Boeing converted freighter) in the VPilot client so that others see us as 737 freighter? Thank you!
  2. Hello! First, I believe that these words are true: "The more people, the more fun." But there is simply a somewhat itching feeling- or as the title says- a concern that our VATSIM world drifts a bit towards an acarde flight game if the entry is too easy. I hope that all the regulations and requirements for vatsim stay valid when the new sim comes and that there is the possibility to at least easily report "players" when they are not willed to stay inside the rules of vatsim. As I now have seen very positive but also negative reactions about this development I wanted to
  3. Hello! So far nearly all my flights on VATSIM are IFR... now I want to dive into VFR more. Searching for IFR charts and Waypoints is relatively easy as there are many offers from navigraph, skyvector and so on... but it seems there is nothing for VRP`s. So I wondered if they are used on VATSIM? After a ton of searching I found some info on VRPs for Austria but transferring them all point by point into Little Navmap is too much work. How are you doing your VFR planning? With VRPs or without them? Thank you!
  4. Tried this but was unable to connect also... after a few minutes of connecting I was able to connect. I think VATSIM has to prepare for much more connections, because the new audio is just awesome! I am sure we will see A LOT more users in the next time! Happy times for flightsimming - Thank you guys!
  5. Hello! I just wanted to connect to VATSIM and enjoy the new codec... I am in P3Dv4 and updated VPILOT to the latest version (automatic update at startup) but when I trie to connect it says "Network Error: Too many clients connected" and it disconnects me from the network. I hope there is more capacity in the future...
  6. Anything new? I have the feeling it was a bit silent since the flightsim expo... Dont get me wrong, I just wait for the release because I dont want to fly voice with the actual system.
  7. Thank you guys for your in depth answers! Now I am looking forward to take her up into the VATSIM sky!
  8. I want to fly the A2A Constellation online, a bit in "old school style" so no GPS, only Radio Nav and vectors when a contoller is online. Is this possible without disturbing anyone? I would write "Radio Nav only" into my remarks and file my VOR to VOR route... Is there anything else that should be done? Thank you very much!
  9. I don't know which Live ATC streams you're listening to, but do you have any real-world flying experience? If so, I'd be willing to bet that you'd appreciate the fact that our voice codec is actually extremely realistic. Apart from the delay, the codec does a nice job of mimicking the frustrations, garbles, weird noises, etc. that we constantly hear on real-world frequencies. Having a voice codec like PilotEdge, where it sounds like you're talking on Skype or TeamSpeak, takes away from the experience in my opinion. To each their own. Take care, Yes, to each their own... I hope there
  10. As a retired broadcast engineer, I think the garbled audio is more to do with who is speaking. Sometimes the audio sounds like the person is in another room, probably because they are not close to the mic, or the mic is a piece of junk, or they never bothered to calibrate their audio levels. Add to that, some people just mumble instead of speaking clearly. Tonight I flew in a session, and most pilots had very clear and understandable audio. A few, you couldn't make out what they were saying at all. That is not a codec problem. I absolute agree with you, but I think it helps a lot if the t
  11. I never flew much online because of too much garbeled transmissions. I know, you alwyas can say "please repeat" and so on... but this breaks all learning (at least for me, not talking for others here) most voice on Live ATC is way better to understand. So I never gathered much experience.
  12. Thank you guys! Normaly I am an very patient person, but this will bring me back to vatsim, so I cant hold back Okay, I will sit back and wait!
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