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  1. A new spin on the old virtual airline system is taking flight soon! vpgonline.org (Virtual Pilots Group Online) VPG is a new form of Virtual Airline, where members decide which airlines they want to add, and who they want to run them. However, we will need some base staff to get started. I am not going to go into detail, but I will list some positions that need to be filled, and if you think you can fill that position, just say so! I will setup an interview on teamspeak. ~~~~~URGENT~~~~~ - Web Desinger (phpvms) (x2 or x4) *Needs to have experiance working with phpVMS (skinni
  2. I have an issue with vPilot Matchmaking. I have downloaded the IVAO MTL, and installed vPilot correctly, also I have set the correct matchmaking rule according to my simulator. However when I start vPilot, and connect, it says that "Simconnect could not find this aircraft". Any clues? I found the answer, and will share with you how I fixed this. Although It is talked about extensively IN THIS FORUM and in the docomeentation for vPilot (Like we read docomeentation ) (Be sure in the vPilot config to set the correct default aircraft according to your sim) You have correctly instal
  3. Greetings, My name is Grant. I am an aspiring pilot and VATSIM ATC. I also have experiance in web design and server managment. I have a website and software for my Virtual American Airline. Although I know that this airline already exsists, it mainly supports FSX. As many of us use x-plane, I have decided to create Virtual American Airlines X. As I said earlier, I have software, hosting, and experiance. Please take a look below at the positions/pilots/content I will need. If you create content, that content is yours, and will remain that. I will also give percent ownership to those who
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