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  1. No that's not true. It is just a collection of normal AI aircraft from different developers. They will work in any context that uses AI aircraft, such as my PSXseeconTraffic program. Any other AI program that allows adding AI aircraft will work with it. Maybe you mean the VMR file, that will ofcourse only be applicable to vPilot.
  2. Hi, FYI, I found the following ICAO invalid aircraft type codes: AN124 FLAi_A124\Aircraft.cfg BD-700 FLAi_GLEX\Aircraft.cfg CS100 FLAi_BCS1\Aircraft.cfg CS300 FLAi_BCS3\Aircraft.cfg Citation FLAi_C750\Aircraft.cfg DC9 FLAi_DC91\Aircraft.cfg DC9 FLAi_DC93\Aircraft.cfg DC9 FLAi_DC95\Aircraft.cfg E140 FLAi_E140\Aircraft.cfg MD80 FLAi_MD80\Aircraft.cfg PA28 FLAi_P28A\aircraft.cfg and the following problems: FLAi_A321neo\texture.ANA-All Nippon [fltsim.11] does
  3. Hi, I wanted to manually download the liveries for P3Dv4 but the download link in the pdf is the same as the one for FSXP3Dv3. Even the text is the same. Could you guys have that corrected please? Regards,
  4. Hi Felipe, It is not allowed to use IVAO MTL on VATSIM. VMRgenerator 9.9 did not support it so reinstallling the link will not help you. Nico
  5. Could be, it may be confusing. So I have now removed the link to the old version.
  6. Since my message of Jan 24, 2018 my VMRGenerator was downloaded about 100 times.. I don't know why it is still so popular. Any ideas?
  7. Hi guys, This is to inform you that VMRGenerator 10.0 no longer generates matching rules for vPilot ... It only generates the file AI_liveries.txt to be used by my real life traffic program PSXseeconTraffic. The reason is that with vPilot v2 you no longer need the VMRGenerator. VMRGenerator version 9.9 is the last version that can generate matching rules. I'll keep a link to it on my website, but do not expect any more updates (the version check has been disabled too).
  8. Hi Ross, Then you will miss the AI aircraft that are added via LMs preferred way, via an add-on.xml file .. Regards Nico
  9. AIReleaseControl was the solution! Why its absence only effected the landing phase I don't know, but it now works. Thx.
  10. I'm using SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft to create an aircraft. When I receive the SimConnect message it has been created I send these three events KEY_FREEZE_LATITUDE_LONGITUDE_SET, KEY_FREEZE_ALTITUDE_SET and KEY_FREEZE_ATTITUDE_SET, because I "slew"aircraft through space myself by calculating alt, lat,lon, pitch , bank and heading 30 times per second. This goes fine at the ground and when taking of, but in the landing phase the flaps no longer respond.
  11. Hello Ross, In my PSXseeconTraffic program I try to set the flaps of AI aircraft at several stages in the flight. I use SimConnect's event FLAPS_SET for that. The strange thing is that I manage to set the flaps when an aircraft starts at the ground and during take-off, but in the landing phase the SimConnect evenst have no effect. I cannot set the flaps in the down position... Have you any idea why, and what mechanism are you using to set the flaps of an Ai aircraft? Hope you can help me. Kind regards, Nico Kaan (developer of VMRGenerator)
  12. Hi, Just try again with the latest version, 5.2. A bug had slipped in, now fixed. However, do note that rule generation for IVAO MTL is no longer possible. But WoAI will work fine. Nico
  13. Hi, Just try again with the latest version, 5.2. A bug had slipped in, now fixed. Nico
  14. Hi guys, From the FAQ of VMRGenerator: 4.2 Is IVAO_MTL supported? Yes IVAO_MTL support is available because VMRGenerator is also used by PSXseeconTraffic users of Aerowinx PSX in a FlightSimulator with IVAO on-line traffic. However, vPilot users are kindly requested to refrain from using the IVAO_MTL. Regards,
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