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  1. It's clear that the network isn't going to abandon or restrict the text option now or likely ever. What can be improved is the education. I'm happy to see that the resources available to new members have greatly improved with MyVATSIM. However, perhaps improvements can eventually be made with the communication side of things. Such as a pop up that can guide members to learn how to use voice when they select text as an option and give them some friendly "words of advice" or a phraseology guide to help members learn common requests and responses on frequency. I know a lot of new members sim
  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying the network. There is a Tech blog which you can read here. That was last updated December. The other source of information would be the Board of Governor minutes which you can read here. They are however, usually released a quarter late. So when Q1 2021 happens, they'll likely release Q4 2020. As for the features you mentioned, if you're unsure who to contact, controllers will usually have that information up in their remarks. You'll see this a lot in areas where it's not always clear or there are sector splits. (New York, London, Events, etc.) The contr
  3. "A small group" is not necessarily accurate if you take into account the opinion of controllers. I've seen a large amount of controllers bring this up, as well as controllers that even decide not to work in events because of this. Try working 70-100 heavy arrivals into TNCM with 30% text pilots, a single runway that requires backtracking, holdings, at least 15 MIT, in an airspace with a single approach sector. It's a nightmare if everyone's on voice and impossible with the large number of text pilots. With that being said, the other thing that needs to be taken into consideration i
  4. You can get to the discord here http://community.vatsim.net/. Click Get Started and then login through the SSO.
  5. This depends on what part of the world you fly in. Most people have subscriptions to navigraph but there are other good free sources as well such as https://chartfox.org (you only need a VATSIM account). What I like about Chart Fox is that if they don’t have the charts available they will link you to the source website where you can download the most updated charts. You will find that most airports in Europe and in the US are in there though.
  6. My recommendation is to take the airport diagram and draw the path that ATC gives you before moving. I will admit that I find U.S. charts easier to follow that some of the European ones but they all follow the same guidelines more or less. This is the taxi diagram for Orlando. If you are parked on Airside 4 and the controller tells you, "Runway 36R taxi via H4, G, E, B, B10. Then what I suggest is to convert that diagram into this before moving. If you don't understand something, clarify. If you get lost along the way, stop and look at the signs and locate yourself on the map. But
  7. AA prefix isn't an appropriate callsign in any country. The system would need to also recognize a valid VFR callsign as well. Additionally, the system wouldn't prevent you from filing, it would just inform you about the appropriate callsigns. After all, one of the tag lines of VATSIM is to Educate not to mention that having an appropriate callsign is important for realism. If you also logged in as AA516 no one would see you correctly because it doesn't exists. Unfortunately, as a controller I can tell you that 99.99% of the times an AA516 shows up, they will use American on the fr
  8. Great job to the team but I highly encourage them to implement a callsign verification feature. Example: If someone attempts to file a flight plan with the callsign: "AA516", the system would prompt (highly encourage) them to change it to "AAL516". I know you can't force them to pick a callsign but some warning and information about real callsigns could benefit new members.
  9. It depends but the team is generally pretty fast. Keep in mind that this is a volunteer network though so give them time to process things.
  10. If one account has a noticeable amount of more hours/ratings than the other, they will try to keep that one active. Especially when you request it. Otherwise, the oldest one will remain active.
  11. Any updates on this? We have 8 Wordpress sites in the division.
  12. This rule was created to prevent someone from having a home division for purposes of gaining ratings and doing all of their hours in another place since that would not be fair to those in the home division that spent time training them. The rule isn't specific as to how it would work when someone transfers. I would assume there's a "leeway" period after a transfer. AFAIK it's not regularly enforced unless it's a clear violation that the person isn't doing controlling in the home division.
  13. Also, make sure that you don't paste your password but type it in. That sometimes causes issues.
  14. Some people prefer to be more private. Not everyone wants their name to be publicly shown and this policy respects that decision. You also have the case with streamers that can get flooded with private messages when their name is recognized. Even with the rule in place for over a year, the majority of members still log in with their full or partial names.
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