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  1. Yes , I use a joystick PTT button but I have also tried using a keyboard hotkey with no better results. I want to explain what happens in detail. On vPilot , when I press and hold the hotkey the transmission starts normal with the TX sign turning blue , but once I take my hand off , the TX stays blue and transmits for a complete 5 seconds before it stops , leaving a plain "zzzzz" noise at the end of the transmission. I use VRC as well and they both are very similar but I do not have the extended delay. I can paste a short clip of the problem if you wish.
  2. I have been using vPilot for a while now and it is one awesome software. But yesterday , while flying at a busy night yesterday at Gatwick (EGKK) , I discovered this problem I have. While I was transmitting on the frequency , I found that when I took my hand of the hotkey , it delayed the transmission for a couple more seconds. As a result my transmission started stepping on others because of the delay and the ATC contacted me and told me to stop doing that. Unfortunately I had to switch to text to keep flying... Would like to know how I can solve this problem
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