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  1. Fixed. New data format - didn't know vatsim was changing it. Michal
  2. I have no WP8/10 programming skills. If anyone is interested I'm happy to offer API access. Michal
  3. I've added B60T to the list. For now, the TAS box will not fill in automatically, that will change once vroute collects enough data from actual flights. Michal
  4. Ouch, seems like there are literally tens of places where i need to fix that, and I keep on discovering more such locations. Please give me a chance to stabilize the situation before we test further. Should you see it works OK already then don't desitate to let me know. Michal
  5. I think I found the problem and fixed it. Please try again next time you're online from UKDD. Michal
  6. Could you please be more specific? I see a lot of callsigns in the screenshots and I hardly understand which one is wrong. Michal
  7. hi, I've already received the Q400 file format specs from Majestic. They're pretty complex in comparison to other files, but definitely can be generated from vroute. Not sure if I'll have enough time to implement them. Michal
  8. Indeed VATSIM's server for METARs appears to be down. Michal
  9. There's a link to add your own positions - on the same page where you pick them during booking. Michal
  10. Did you try adding it manually? If so, what did vroute say in response? Michal
  11. Randy, the new client version is a maintenance upgrade (bug fix). Since you are a premium customer already, the upgrade is free for you. Just make sure you enter the same email address as you had in old copy, so that your account would be recognized. Michal
  12. Indeed we had some server issues. After last week's outage (a hard drive failure) I forgot I left some huge files on hard drive, and the server ate up all available disk space. Sorry for the troubles. Michal
  13. What's the ID for Greenland? Michal
  14. I added a rule to map BICC to BIRD FIR. I'm sorry I cannot add the exact sector boundaries at this moment. Michal
  15. Yep. 3. I'm happy to hear you are satisfied with our work... Michal
  16. That will be your problem, not mine . I'd be 120-something y.o. by then and I'm sure I'll already forget what javascript was like... Michal
  17. thats because - as you can see - it's a totally different calendar. It does not even look similar. Back in 2008 when I just manually updated the calendar for leap year I though "well, no way this code would be still alive in 2012!". I see I was wrong. I have now updated the code so that it will run properly until 2096 (will be wrong in 2100 as it is not a leap year). Sorry for the problem. Michal
  18. Tim, at the moment there's no easy way within vroute. However, if you're fixing bugs that exist in routes, I have an interface for that - which lets you save changes immediately, but only if the route was previously broken. Would that make any sense? Michal
  19. thanks Morten but the problem is elsewhere. For start, I added the NY OCEANIC sectors from cycle 1110. Now I have to wait for 1110 data to upload and see how NY CTR is displayed and how it needs to be fixed... Michal
  20. Sorry, wrong forum. vroute is not VATroute, we are actually competitors to some extent. Michal
  21. hi, vroute does not know SID/STAR procedures and expects the first enroute waypoint instead. Exception is when procedure is by "accident" (a very very common one in Europe) named after the transition waypoint that connects them with the airway system. For instance, when you say EPWA departure LOLSI2G, vroute reads "LOLSI waypoint". In your case, COAST was not a valid waypoint. Michal
  22. Since there are two ways it can ask for email and two different underlying problems, could you please describe in more details the symptoms? Michal
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