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  1. One of the pioneers and done some sterling work for the network over the years. Hope to see you flying on VATSIM, Norm.
  2. Hi Ross, just registering the flexibility to change font sizes in a future version of VRC. Shez
  3. Hi Martijn, This was an open proposal for any Region which wants to use this system but unfortunately I only have one development from my home division at Los Angeles and only because I worked with the web developer there. All ZLA bookings on their website come directly to be displayed on the ATC website. The only weakness is that the subscribed users on ATC do not get an email alert of the ZLA bookings as it was not made on the ATC website. For my understanding (and the way we did it with ZLA), the API has to be developed by your webmaster and I can ask our web developer to incorporat
  4. Is it possible for VRC to not get scaled to Windows 10 DPI scaling settings? My settings for my 4K monitor at 3840x2160 make VRC blurry at the recommended 150% scaling. For me if I could run VRC at 100% or 125% scaling it would be much clearer. Shez
  5. I concur completely. I outlive you on VATSIM (814615) and as a pilot and controller the ability to advertise online times is my one thing to change. Blindly flying around chasing ATC is very frustrating. And sitting there as a controller with no pilots is too. I created atcbooking.com to compliment VATBOOK but it requires users to take the time to book time. Hopefully VATSIM can put this on their website soon. We are working on it... Shez Shez
  6. Who is the man to ask if VATSIM can pos this calendar? Shez
  7. I agree but one calendar on a website is better. Also pilots are enjoying the email feature which informs them of controller booking alert. Unfortuantely it works only for bookings on the website. I am hoping more pilots begin to view this and more controllers book here to get a lot of pilots and controllers and consequential traffic back up in the air. Hopefully VATSIM can put this on their website too... Shez
  8. Just to keep everyone informed. VATBOOK data and ZLA website booking data is now showing up directly on the calendar of the website. I just need to get some adjustments done to the display of the data. Shez
  9. Thanks Gents. We are working on it. Let me know if the website works well for you. At least I am booking on the site... Shez
  10. Thanks! So is this real time data? Can it actively be read by my site? I am not a webmaster so just clarifying. Regards. Shez
  11. OK interesting. It looks like online ATC data not bookings? Shez
  12. Hi Andreas, Could you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in connecting me with Michal. The problem I see is that when we were looking at the VATBOOK data the only data we see is pilot data and no controller data since 2007. Shez
  13. Sounds good. Will connect immediately to download the data. Shez
  14. Absolutely. I will ask the developer for this. The idea was to in future openly connect with regional websites so that bookings there could be posted at this website and vice versa. What else do you think is needed? Shez Consider open sourcing the project, so developers (like me) that see an opportunity to advance it can submit changes to make it happen. Making it an open system is a positive thing. And more of a nitpick, but one to ensure better communication and understanding... I'd stop referring to ZLA and ZDV, et al. as "regions". Within VATSIM, regions are: North Ameri
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