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  1. Hi William, You will be able to make a second attempt 1 hour after the previous one.
  2. Hi William, Have you completed the P0 exam after the VATSIM new members' course? You need to pass it before you are able to connect to the network.
  3. This is great! Thank you @Matan Budimir and @Paul Hollmann for your work guys!
  4. Hi Mohamed, With large sector files (as is the UK one), when you observe you should always type the command ".vis [ICAO of the observed airport]" at the bottom of the screen and press enter. This will make sure that the visibility center, the circle in which you can see aircraft, is centered around the airport you want to watch. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi all, Please join me in welcoming Krystian Zawadzki to his new position of Polish vACC Director. Krystian brings his team-work oreinted approach and his experience as staff member in the vACC as well as many ideas for the development of the vACC and it's community. On behalf of VATEUD, I would like to also thank the outgoing director - @Radek Fijalkowski for his work that has undoubtedly brought the vACC forward.
  6. Hi all, After a very tough and a long year for all, we are fast approaching 'the most wonderful time of the year'. During these weeks, we all look back on the year to finish and reflect on it. During 2020 VATEUD has begun an overhaul of how we do things. We have started to work more as a team and not different vACCs and one group of people above them. We have brought the vACC directors closer to the bigger picture and closer to the decision-making process. We have also started to regularly meet with people from across the division to talk about and discuss the problems that we
  7. Hi Colton, welcome to VATSIM! To me it looks like you havent completed the P0 exam yet. This is a short introductory exam to VATSIM which gives you the P0 rating. Without it, you will not be able to connect to the network either as a pilot and/or observer. You can find the course and the exam at https://my.vatsim.net/
  8. Hi Florian, From what I can remember (someone may proove me wrong), the order of those is determined by the order in which they recieve the first status update. So that would mean that in this case DLH is #2 because he was se to ST-UP before the SAS was set to PUSH.
  9. A good source for free charts that can be shared (afaik) is https://chartfox.org/ It pulls the charts directly from the relevant country's provider. You need to login with your VATSIM account and it has most of the world dovered (coverage map is just below the welcome screen.
  10. Hi all, Please join me in congratulating @Orhan Gencer on his new position as the Turkish vACC director. He brings a wealth of experience as a staff member both in the Turkish vACC and beyond VATEUD and will be taking over Necmi in the upcoming days. I would also like to use this opportunity to say 'thank you' to Necmi for his service to VATEUD and VATSIM. N
  11. Slots have been locked during the night when routes have been finalised so we can send the pilots the emails and facilities a list of people (CIDs) with their slots and departure times. Things cant move after that, Im afraid as all of those have already been distributed.
  12. You forget the airspace capacity. There is a certain limit that can not be extended further. every CTP we see more people crossing oceanic that real-world traffic there (pre-COVID traffic levels). The equation 'more controllers = more planes' is not valid for CTP where we stretch the airspaces we use to their limits. However, lowering the standards for ATC training would only cause more chaos as controllers would not have been trained to perfection as they are now so that they can handle the traffic levels. The time restriction for transferees is in place for a completely different r
  13. Hi all, Please join me in welcoming @Matan Budimir to his new position in VATEUD as Web Services Director. Matan will be moving from his position in the Community Department to exercise his coding skills and experience from various vACCs to help the division modernise its services. Matan is taking over from @Florian Harms in this position, who will be spending more time with another position in a central vatsim.net department. Id like to thank Florian for his many years of service to EUD and the Network and at the same time wish Matan best of luck in his new role.
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