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  1. Hi all, The Europe, Middle East and Africa Region is looking for developers to join the development of a training related project. We are looking for people to help in the following areas: Laravel development Front-end development This volunteering is not associated with a formal staff role, thus the TVCP does not apply and members from across all regions and divisions of the network are welcomed. If you have any questions or you are interested in helping out, please email vpemea(at)vatsim.net There is no deadline for expressing interest.
  2. Why would you want to make a new vACC when the same controllers will still want to control in the same airspace? This is not solving a problem, but running away from it. Why would you want to further split the community of a country when it is not as active as it should be (as your say in your OP)? Get in touch with the vACC Director and offer help, if this does not work, speak to division staff, they may be unaware of the problems the vACC is facing.
  3. Benjamin, Your question has been answered and addressed and there are discussions. The fact that you can not see them, as they are held in private between staff members, does not mean that they do not exist. Policy change and review is something that is difficult to accomplish and takes time, especially when this network which everyone, including you, is enjoying for free is ran entirely by volunteers. We ask that you leave us do our "jobs" and wait a bit, while instead of being with friends or family or doing something else in our free time, we work to resolve your issue. If you wou
  4. Welcome to the team, Bernardo! 😄
  5. Hi all, It is my great pleasure to announce the reopening of the Bulgarian vACC in VATEUD. Previously, ROvACC have been taking care of the country to guide, teach and share their expertise with fellow Bulgarian members in preparation for the separation of the two. Starting from today, there is a two-week transition period. At the end of it on June the 27th the Bulgarian vACC will be a separate entity within VATEUD. During these two weeks, all members who wish to change their vACC to Bulgaria can do so here: https://members.vateud.net/ All members who wish to remain at their ho
  6. Hi all, Adolfo Medina had resigned as the director of the Spanish vACC. With this in mind, it is my pleasure to announce that Felix Zapata will be taking over his position. Felix has been a long standing staff member in the vACC and is bringing a lot of international connections with him to the role. Please join me in thanking Adolfo for his service to the network and congratulating Felix on his new position! N
  7. Hi Ali, Some divisions do it, some don't. Seeing as you are assigned to VATEUD, please get in touch with your local training director and they will provide you with support on this and kick start the process. If you have any questions, please email them or [email protected] I hope this helps.
  8. Oh, got you. On VATSIM we operate on a topdown principle. This means that when a controller is not online, the next one takes over their responsibilities. The topdown order is DEL->GND->TWR->APP->CTR. So if DEL is not online, you go to GND. If GND is not online, you go to TWR etc.
  9. Hi Gergo, If no ATC is online, you would just depart without a clearance and follow a SID for your filed route. Once you get to pushing back, you need to go to UNICOM 122.800 and announce your intentions and movements and coordinate with other traffic around you. Hope this helps! 😄
  10. Afaik, it should be brought back soon.
  11. I dont see a reason for not publishing them when we are 100% sure that those will be the dates. Last time, iirc, there was some announcements in advance of the "picking/preselecting" being opened. 😄
  12. Just to add to what Layth has said, we don't want to publish dates as many things depend on human and technical aspects and those dates will be taken as set in stone, even if we say otherwise. The amazing resource of the tech volunteers is one of the hardest to come by and their time on vatsim is spread thinly. Long story short, we don't want to lie to you about dates that we ourselves are not 100% sure about. 🙂
  13. You'd usually see those in your pilot client of choice if the controller is online, of course. 😄 You can also find the frequencies listed on the charts, be that from Navigraph or direct from the AIP (or chartfox, another free alternative). If you really wanted, there is a database of frequencies for the facilities and sector splits within the whole of VATEUD, but that is used more from the ops side of things.
  14. Hi Dave, do you need this for piloting or for operations (sector files, documents etc)?
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