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  1. Oh, got you. On VATSIM we operate on a topdown principle. This means that when a controller is not online, the next one takes over their responsibilities. The topdown order is DEL->GND->TWR->APP->CTR. So if DEL is not online, you go to GND. If GND is not online, you go to TWR etc.
  2. Hi Gergo, If no ATC is online, you would just depart without a clearance and follow a SID for your filed route. Once you get to pushing back, you need to go to UNICOM 122.800 and announce your intentions and movements and coordinate with other traffic around you. Hope this helps! πŸ˜„
  3. Afaik, it should be brought back soon.
  4. I dont see a reason for not publishing them when we are 100% sure that those will be the dates. Last time, iirc, there was some announcements in advance of the "picking/preselecting" being opened. πŸ˜„
  5. Just to add to what Layth has said, we don't want to publish dates as many things depend on human and technical aspects and those dates will be taken as set in stone, even if we say otherwise. The amazing resource of the tech volunteers is one of the hardest to come by and their time on vatsim is spread thinly. Long story short, we don't want to lie to you about dates that we ourselves are not 100% sure about. πŸ™‚
  6. You'd usually see those in your pilot client of choice if the controller is online, of course. πŸ˜„ You can also find the frequencies listed on the charts, be that from Navigraph or direct from the AIP (or chartfox, another free alternative). If you really wanted, there is a database of frequencies for the facilities and sector splits within the whole of VATEUD, but that is used more from the ops side of things.
  7. Hi Dave, do you need this for piloting or for operations (sector files, documents etc)?
  8. Can you drop me an email please. I will action it tomorrow morning when I wake up.
  9. Just a small correction here. LTC_S_CTR does not cover Southampton (EGHI) and Bournemouth (EGHH) top down. Those remain with LON_S_CTR at all times when SOLENT_APP or other local ATC is offline.
  10. You can also add a second clock to be displayed in Windows. Go to Settings->Time & Language->Date and Time From that window, click on "Add clocks for different time zones: From there simply set up the following settings: The final result will look like this:
  11. Under involved parties, all the involved FIRs are understood. It is expected that FIR staff, as those closest to the pilots, are aware of the views for their respective local facility. However, point is taken onboard,
  12. Hello everyone, Effective today, 7th March 2021 the position Eurocontrol Islands (EURI) will be closed. This heavy and difficult decision comes after some unprecedented times for VATSIM and the Europe region, through which we have seen an exponential increase in traffic numbers, numbers of sectors online at any given time and the complexity of both those two factors from an operations perspective with all the consequences from them. When combined, those factors make the position an extremely complicated one, as well as unneeded given the goal of the EuroCenter vACC of increasing ATC cover
  13. You should have gotten an email about any issues there may be. Such matters must be raised with the membership department at http://membership.vatsim.net. They can provide you with more info, background and steps to get your account reactivated.
  14. Hi August, Have you completed the P0 introductory exam at myVATSIM? Without having passed this you will not be able to connect.
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