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  1. The sidebar seems to be broken for me, this is what I can see:
  2. Totally agree, great posts by the German vACC! Thanks guys. Some shares will be made soon 🙂
  3. The voice server requires capitalised passwords, so it's good to check if your password capitalisation in vPilot is correct. Hope this fixes the issue.
  4. Please join me in welcoming @Svetlin Nikolov 1008143 in his new position as Community Director for VATEUD. Svetlin is bringing his previous VATSIM and real-world experience to help the division prosper.
  5. A reminder that the applications for the position close tomorrow.
  6. Hi all, I am sad to report that @Nestor Perez has taken the decision to step down as a staff member in VATEUD. On behalf of the division, thank you, Nestor, for your countless hours spend shaping the events, social media presence and charisma and community spirit within the division! We will use this opportunity to rename the Communications Department to the Community Department to better represent the work that the team do and the goals that they strive for. With this in mind, I am announcing the start of the recruitment process for VATEUD's Community Director. Job Description
  7. Don't forget the upcoming changes to the P ratings and in particular, the P0 rating which will be required if a member wants to fly on the network. So in future, new pilots should demonstrate some basic knowledge before being allowed on the network. Furthermore, supervisors are not there to be the bad cops and kick people. Most of all, we are online to help. If a member needs support while connected to the network, they can call for a supervisor to help them. For example, yesterday, I had a lovely educational chat with a new member about flight planning. "Aviate Educate Communicate" 😁
  8. Hi all, To give some behind the scenes information on how this has come to exist in the past months: sadly, for a long time, EUD had not been issuing C3 ratings in any way or form. There were no division examiners, nor the desire from previous training staff (afaik) to resume the programme or consult with vACCs on how the division and the TD should proceed. After a new team stepped in, this was on their to-do list even before I became division director. Since then, we have had multiple meetings where ideas were shared and ultimately, opinions clashed. All vACC TDs in the division wer
  9. CoR §6.01.B.5. “Prohibited conduct” is defined as any conduct which is deemed by the individuals listed in Article VI., §6.04 of this Code of Regulations as being abusive to other members of VATSIM.net and/or detrimental in any way to VATSIM.net. CoR §6.04.B Sole Discretion: It is within the sole discretion of the individual authorized by this rule to determine whether the conduct of a member warrants removal or temporary suspension of said member. As Andreas said, cases where the pilot has forgotten to disconnect for one reason or another are seen most often when it comes to that rule.
  10. Hi John, you can use 'ZZZZ' for airports with no ICAO code and when asked just state your intentions to ATC.
  11. Ah! I was in the process of my morning coffee at the time of replying! 😄 Perhaps it could be added to the list then, Ill drop a message to OPS.
  12. Hi Jeff, You can find a schematic of the London and Scottish sectors here: https://www.vatsim.uk/operations/sectors On the same page there is a list of all the aerodromes with the controllers that may cover them top-down and the order in which you should contact them. I hope this helps, but if you have more questions, fire away! 🙂
  13. Hi all, Please join me in welcoming Mattia Torti who will be assuming the position of Deputy Director of VATEUD. Matt brings a wealth of experience both as a staff member on VATSIM and experience from his personal life. Me and him will be working together with all the division's staff and vACC teams to expedite projects that are currently ongoing and start new ones to benefit the members of the community. Best of luck in the role!
  14. Deputy Division Director - VATEUD2 Responsible to - Division Director, VATEUD Responsibilities: Sit on the VATEUD Board Assist in the day to day running of the Division Assist in overseeing the Departments of the Division Assist in overseeing the vACCs of the Division Assist in quarterly preparation of the Division Report to the Europe Regional Director Assist in the coordination of matters arising in relation to 'real world' events and mediating as necessary, e.g. Politically Sensitive Areas (PSA) Assist in persuing matters raised in relati
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