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  1. Hi Jeff, You can find a schematic of the London and Scottish sectors here: https://www.vatsim.uk/operations/sectors On the same page there is a list of all the aerodromes with the controllers that may cover them top-down and the order in which you should contact them. I hope this helps, but if you have more questions, fire away! πŸ™‚
  2. Hi all, Please join me in welcoming Mattia Torti who will be assuming the position of Deputy Director of VATEUD. Matt brings a wealth of experience both as a staff member on VATSIM and experience from his personal life. Me and him will be working together with all the division's staff and vACC teams to expedite projects that are currently ongoing and start new ones to benefit the members of the community. Best of luck in the role!
  3. Hi Guillod, You can download the updated sector data from here: https://github.com/vatsimnetwork/vatspy-data-project Instructions on how to install it are also available there πŸ˜„
  4. Hi guys, as of the result now, we will be making 2 legs tomorrow: EGLL - LHBP LHBP - LGAV We have prepared some routes for those of you who want to fly with us tomorrow and they are as follows: EGLL - LHBP DET L6 DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 KOK DCT MATUG UL607 AMASI UM149 BOMBI DCT TENLO DCT DEXIT DCT MAREG DCT ANEXA or BPK Q295 BRAIN M197 REDFA DCT TACHA DCT GMH UL603 TESGA DCT KOMIB DCT ENITA DCT PEPIK DCT NIT M748 ARFOX LHBP - LGAV FAHAZ KEROP TISAK P192 OKLOP RAXAD NASKO N140 TALAS UM749 ROPOX If you are planning on using a different rout
  5. A quick edit, a C1 exam at LGMD has been added to the poll πŸ˜„
  6. Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra Hi all! In this new initiative called "Come Fly With Me" we are looking to go on a tour of the events in the Region every first Saturday of the month. We want this to be shared with all of you and as such, do decide where we all fly we'll post a poll listing the events. We will try to visit as many events as possible, time permitting. However, with this running monthly, we will visit more and more vACCs and Divisions as time goes on. For the 2nd of May they are as follows: Feel free to vote for the event you would most like to go to with
  7. Conrad, I would suggest joining the UK slack workspace for quick support and questions like that one. Instructions on how to do that are available on the vatsim.uk website.
  8. It seems like when uploading a file the forum changes the file name adding a new, rather interesting file extension. The file im uploading is deffo a .pdf file.
  9. It is being uploaded as a .pdf file. Reported to the forum admins.
  10. Hi all, Please find attached below the Europe Region quarterly report for Q1 2020. On behalf of the Region staff team, thank you to all staff members, mentors and voluenteers in the region for contributing towards VATSIM! Any questions, please let us know. ✈️ VATSIM_Europe_Region_Quarterly_Report_Q1-2020.pdf
  11. Hi all, We're excited to invite you to the Europe Region's discord server! We hope to bring the community together by allowing members from across the region and the world to discuss together topics of our daily life on the network, get notified of events, share screenshots and get and provide support, be that technical support, training help or something else. Feel free to join us at https://vats.im/emea/discord πŸ˜„
  12. No bugs to report but just wanted to say thanks to everybody that has helped with the new forums becoming a reality! Looking great! πŸ™Œ
  13. Dear all, Please join me in congratulating Nikolas Goerlitz who is joining the Europe Region staff team as our new Membership Director. Nik brings his experience from his past vACC and division staff positions, as well as a big dose of motivation to see the Region prosper to the role. Welcome to the team! Nik can be reached at membership(at)vatsim.eu
  14. Hi all, It's that time of the year again, where we all prepare our heavy aircraft to fly over the Atlantic Ocean for the biggest VATSIM Event. On this Eastbound edition of CTP we are looking to welcome you to the following airfields for departures and arrivals: Departures from: Miami International Boston Logan International Airport Chicago O'Hare International Airport John F. Kennedy International Toronto Pearson International Orlando International Airport Arrivals into: London Heathrow Dublin Munich Airport - Franz Josef Strauß Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Warsaw Chopin Copenha
  15. Which correlation mode are you using? Easy VATSIM, Mode C or mode S (f you're not sure, it will be in Other SET->General Settings)?
  16. Hi Matthew, You can type ".am" in the message bar and click on the aircraft, which will open the amendable flight plan popup for you.
  17. Richard, the place for AFV support is the beta discord server. Instructions to join it are available at the AFV website: https://afv-beta.vatsim.net/discord
  18. This seems to be only on GERMANY, as after a restart of Euroscope and connecting to the UK, I got all the METARs I needed.
  19. Hi Kevin, Welcome to VATSIM. Please drop me an email at n.marinov(at)vatsim.eu with your desired vACC for training and also any questions you may have about getting started with flying/controlling on VATSIM!
  20. Claus, thanks a lot for your work! I hope you don't mind me stealing the thread a bit and asking if there are any instructions on installing the UACPlugin, as I couldn't find any on Github/the forums, although I might have not searched deep enough. Is it as simple as changing the display type in the asr file? Many thanks! [EDIT] Just after writing that I realised that you are not the author of the UACPlugin, but if someone has any experience using it, please share
  21. Tim, I believe the .net we team have been working on that for some time now. Regarding names being shown on forums, most forums that I am a member of, require you to log in via the SSO before viewing anything major, so only VATSIM members would be able to see your name. As all VATSIM members are bound to follow the CoC, should anything happen, then you can report it to [email protected]
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