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  1. it all depends on if their ai solution has a lufthansa 787 livery otherwise it will be shown as a generic option from the pilot client.
  2. At the moment you tried the two best msfs aircraft already that have an fms. for me in p3d you have majestic, pmdg, fslabs and fly the maddog. These are top tier addon makers. Below 5gat you have qualitywings and aerosoft to name a few. Xplane does have some good alternatives but still lacking in the airliner department if you want in depth simulations. However you have to pay price for this investment.
  3. Having it in the mcdu/fmc and printed out works the same.
  4. Some controllers have an alias set up and immediately sent you a pdc via text when you login. I personally do not like that and rather ask for clearance myself via voice or through hoppie acars pdc.
  5. The airport Atis won’t tell you who to contact but the controller personal atis could say what their area of responsibility is. Also navigraph frequencies are based on the real world frequencies which currently are not fully supported due to channel spacing in the sims. Best thing is to wait for a contact me if you are unsure who to contact when in the air. On ground You could always connect to one and ask and he will politely suggest the other frequency or keep you if you are on the correct frequency.
  6. Velocity is just faster position updates in x radius around you as I read about it. It has nothing to do with landing rates and to add different landing rate monitoring programs will give different results.
  7. Pilot rating is separate from joining a VA. I would suggest you read the associated documents for the pilot ratings and that only authorized training organizations can issue a rating just like you train for ATC.
  8. Vatsim works fine just that the old data feed has been deprecated and any program or website using that has to be updated to work again. Now some programs might become abandon ware and you will likely not see an update for those.
  9. You don’t need to put anything if your remarks cause it is already present in the icao aircraft string when it comes to equipment codes. Controllers will put in something like cpdlc: LOVV for example or logon LOVV. Best thing as a pilot is just to say cpdlc capable and send a request to the logon code. With any luck you get accepted and instructions will come through cpdlc.
  10. In Europe it is quite common. Outside of Europe not really. The only plugins providing hoppie interaction are for euroscope which significantly limits in client based interfaces. If it is active they should report in their controller atis. However since other networks also make use of hoppie it can be a bit more difficult to know if you only look at the hoppie acars log or in an addon.
  11. I think volanta and simtoolkitpro for that matter rely just like maps on the feed. So if they were created with the old feed they would have to be updated.
  12. the upcoming position update frequency is already something that could hit users negativly during big events with a lot of AI. now add ground vehicles. it would be stutterfest for all. i dont really like that.
  13. would be nice to have CPT highlighted in a different color. same perhaps for VA events held on vatsim.
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