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  1. While you might be 20 nm straight distance from the airport. he is saying that it will take you 35 track miles to get there due to vectoring.
  2. Yes. Any connection to the vatsim network as a pilot
  3. On discord there is an exam channel which broadcasts cpt events.
  4. Flai used addon.xml method in p3d v5 is that file present?
  5. best way is to ask the controller cause not all of them look in the remarks section to see if someone is a newbie.
  6. Isn’t that what VA already do by using their own acars system?
  7. Yes vpilot works with v5. Model matching options are ut live, AIG. Those are more current.
  8. That will be your block fuel.
  9. It is part of the ICAO flightplan system that vatsim now uses. Simbrief uses the new prefile that is on my vatsim. Filling through vpilot for example will not result in the ICAO string you see.
  10. The IVAO MTL is protected and should only be used when flying on that network. Vatsim received a complaint about it from ivao I believe. Options currently are to use either UT live which is paid or AIG which is free. also
  11. Not sure if VA want to use two tracking softwares. I am in a major VA and as of yet nothing has been made public about GFO usage once it is out.
  12. Given that GFO is not even released I doubt that any VA has a stance on it at the moment on the possible use of it.
  13. wouldnt it be better to have the sector coordinates for the controllor if it is an enroute station.
  14. you address them by their callsign.
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