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  1. some vacc list the occupied stands on their website as well. example vacc austria https://www.vacc-austria.org/index.php?page=content/gatelist&icao=LOWW or dutch vacc here for amsterdam https://www.dutchvacc.nl/eham-gate-finder/
  2. There are countries in Europe that prefer to have a sid or star included. I believe Germany is one of them.
  3. clearance would be PDC through the Hoppie network and perhaps also CPDLC services through Hoppie for aircraft above the minimum level to operate cpdlc.
  4. Could you try filing through here https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/flightplan?
  5. the wake turbulence catergory doesnt get loaded when you hit fetch in vpilot which is understandable. but the equipment suffix is now transponder which is compromised out of two parts essentially the mode and the ads-b.
  6. On vatsim a flightplan is held for 2 hours. A va might put up a restriction of like 24 hours for a booking. So if you don’t fly the booking with in 24 hours it will be deleted. Irl flightplans are hold for 4 hours I believe but also the ofp is updated throughout the day if there are significant issues enroute.
  7. P3d is built upon the esp version of fsx. The last version saw a massive update to the world in terms of airports but they are still like fsx building style. You just need vpilot and run the simconnect files that are installed alongside p3d.
  8. You could try and experiment with the atc callsign box and the first box you fill in. And see which one affects it and change that one.
  9. Koen Meier

    error log

    many thanks for your help have to do some more work like setting the default center point and setting certain routes as CDR. but at least it is starting to look like something.
  10. Koen Meier

    error log

    the volumes file did have correct coordinates with it after using that tool. or look here https://github.com/AutismTalks/Eurocontrol_dataset updated airspace file.pdf
  11. Most people turn crash detection off.
  12. Koen Meier

    error log

    and even after adding a 0 in front of the longitude it still gives an iso warning.
  13. Koen Meier

    error log

    These data came from your program to convert sct to xml. That output is what I used in an excel sheet to get my dataset. online i found, https://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/geo/Wiki/LatitudeLongitudeAltitude . which matches up with all coordinates. Latitude and Longitude in Degrees: ±DD.DDDD±DDD.DDDD/ (eg +12.345-098.765/) Latitude and Longitude in Degrees and Minutes: ±DDMM.MMMM±DDDMM.MMMM/ (eg +1234.56-09854.321/) Latitude and Longitude in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds: ±DDMMSS.SSSS±DDDMMSS.SSSS/ (eg +123456.7-0985432.1/
  14. Koen Meier

    error log

    this works via word Airspace.pdf
  15. Koen Meier

    error log

    doesnt work. as it gives an error.
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