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  1. Because people still want to know where center controllers are located. That's right, hence my question.
  2. The visual center of the polygon? This thread is about controller location being missing from the data feed. The data feed does not include polygons. The answer to that question varies by application. Just one example would be an application that shows a list of nearby controllers, as the OP mentioned. Having some sort of location reference in the data feed would be helpful here, so that applications wouldn't have to also consume some other data source such as the VAT-Spy data or the transceiver data. Since we're using JSON now, it would be great if an array of vis cente
  3. Which airport would you use for a center controller?
  4. You're very welcome. I think for the next update, I'll have VAT-Spy check to be sure the saved location is actually still valid, and if not, it'll move it to your primary window. I do this in some of my ATC clients, and it has always worked well when users remove a monitor that they previously used for the ATC client window.
  5. Edit your VATSpyConfig.xml file and change the X and Y values in the following section to both be zero:
  6. Richard, I have split this into its own topic, as your issue is not related to the issue reported in the thread that you originally replied to.
  7. vPilot uses SimConnect to inject traffic into the sim. Specifically, it uses the AICreateNonATCAircraft SimConnect function. Then, once the aircraft object is created, vPilot uses other SimConnect functions to update the aircraft's position, altitude, attitude, light states, gear state, etc. as the aircraft moves around. I don't know for sure, but I assume that most aircraft TCAS gauges use SimConnect calls to get a list of nearby objects. You can request a specific type of object, which in this case would be "aircraft". MSFS may provide other ways to get a list of nearby aircraft, but I'
  8. You need to install the latest version of VAT-Spy.
  9. That's right, it uses the type code and the callsign prefix to find a model match. If no match can be found for both the type code and the callsign prefix, then it will use a "generic" livery, if one exists in the user's installed models. If no generic model is found, it will use the user's default model. Note that this is only applicable for vPilot. Other pilot clients may behave differently.
  10. The ability to easily toggle between two different output devices is already on the wish list. As for LVARs, they are not accessible via SimConnect, so that level of integration probably won't happen. If/when I add the output device toggle feature, I could add a SimConnect custom client event to trigger it, and then someone could write a module that watches the PMDG LVAR and raises that event.
  11. Ahh, okay, thanks. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some incorrect information on a website somewhere.
  12. To my knowledge, neither the network protocol nor the FSD server itself imposes any limitation on use of the third decimal place. AFAIK, this is just a client-side issue with sims and pilot clients. (I don't know of any ATC clients that enforce the invalid .x20 and .x70 frequencies, either.) AFAIK, that's correct.
  13. Andrew, just out of curiosity, what lead you to think that VAT-Spy was now in the legacy category? What latest updates are you referring to here?
  14. MSFS does use SimConnect, but it's not limited to the set of variables and data formats that were available in FSX. They could add support for 833 just like P3D has. A key thing to understand when it comes to SimConnect is that it's not the reading of the frequency that is limited to 2 decimal places. It's actually the writing of the value. In other words, SimConnect needs to provide a way to write a frequency with all three digits, in order to support 833. SimConnect has always provided all three decimal places when reading the frequency, going back to the first version of FSX. P3D
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