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  1. What are the details of the unhandled exception?
  2. What you're calling a "sublevel", I would call a "livery code". If all you're suggesting is adding another criterion to the VMR files, that would be very simple. However, that still leaves a lot of work for each individual vPilot user to make a custom VMR file specific to the set of models and textures that they have installed. And before that could even be done, someone would have to generate this database of livery codes. There simply is no standard for that yet. We have a standard for aircraft type code and airline code, but nothing for livery code. That's why vPilot currently uses onl
  3. How would vPilot (or any other pilot client) know which of the user's installed models maps to each of those liveries?
  4. We all want this ... the problem is that there is no standard set of liveries that all VATSIM users use. Every VATSIM user is free to use their own set of models for model matching. So there is no way for you to specify a special livery and have other pilots be able to see you in that livery.
  5. Sure does ... and if everyone had that capability, that'd be great! I hope we'll eventually get to the point where everyone has the ability to receive not only PDCs but also full CPDLC uplink/downlink messages, including direct integration into both the pilot and controller clients, not requiring any separate software and server. There has been lots of discussion in that area, but no actual development progress yet, unfortunately.
  6. So why make it worse by reading the clearance over voice and then listening as they read it back? Much faster to just direct them to check their private messages. If they, for some reason, refuse to read the PDC and will take it only by voice, then they can say so. Like Rob says, teach them to fish. If they really hate fishing, then you can spoon-feed them.
  7. vPilot doesn't have any models. It just makes use of the models you have installed. In the case of MSFS, it automatically uses the default models that come with the sim, or any models that you tell it to use by loading custom model matching rules files.
  8. Plus, having the PDC sitting there in a private message tab makes it easy to reference later rather than having to write down the verbal clearance, which is also subject to transcription error.
  9. Sounds like maybe when vPilot injects a model into the sim, it causes the crash. Could be a faulty or corrupt model or texture. Maybe you could try to determine which models are causing the crash and uninstall them.
  10. Does it only happen when there are other aircraft in range?
  11. Line 23 is missing the tag closure characters.
  12. It's on line 24, first character. If you can't figure it out from that, post the file here and I'll take a look.
  13. Do you have any third party model sets or livery sets installed?
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