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  1. It does have model matching, using the default models that are included in the sim. It's just that vPilot does not scan your hard drive for any additional models.
  2. vERAM should be automatically moving any off-screen windows to your primary monitor. If that's not happening, then there must be something special about your system that is preventing that code from working. The best I can suggest is to open your vERAMConfig.xml file and manually edit the following sections: <CommsWindowProperties Maximized="false" FullScreen="false" TopMost="false" NormalBorderStyle="None"> <Location> <X>351</X> <Y>149</Y> </Location> <Size> <Width>602</Width> <Height
  3. If you have a .cfg file in your My Documents folder, that could cause problems, since that will be used by any SimConnect application. Try temporarily renaming it.
  4. Then something is preventing the SimConnect connection from working. Have you messed around with any SimConnect.xml, SimConnect.ini, or SimConnect.cfg files on your system?
  5. There is a subtle difference ... if the reason for the popup warning is that the data is out of date, then pressing OK will still display the outdated data. Pressing Cancel will do nothing (still showing whatever data was last successfully downloaded.) This difference used to be more clear, back when that warning popup gave you more choices such as switching to a different server, displaying the outdated data anyway, or adding the faulty server to an ignore list. Since I removed those options (because there is only one server these days which automatically cycles between multiple redundant dat
  6. I thought about adding something like that, but the problem is that most of the time, the newly-arrived controller will be irrelevant to your flight, making the alert just a nuisance. Users will learn to ignore it or shut it off. That's controlled by the server, and the server uses different ranges for different controller facility types. It also depends on the aircraft's altitude. The higher the aircraft is, the more facilities it can "see".
  7. Press the Debug button, and see if the console window shows messages like this: [23:22:27.231] vPilot version 2.6.10 [23:22:27.399] Attempting simulator connection... [23:22:27.802] Simulator connection failed. [23:22:32.400] Attempting simulator connection... [23:22:32.804] Simulator connection failed. [23:22:37.399] Attempting simulator connection... [23:22:37.800] Simulator connection failed.
  8. Does the vPilot host window show that it is trying to connect to the simulator?
  9. The crash is happening in the AFV voice code, so I'll move your thread over to that forum.
  10. This indicates an issue with the VATSIM data server (not the github files) ... I've notified the data server dev team. Thanks for reporting it.
  11. When you join, send a DM to RossCarlsonBTV#7854.
  12. Ahh, I see. That would be a big change, since that callsign suffix is assigned at the country level, not the controller level, and country codes are two characters only.
  13. I've thought about making a controller client that is specifically for tower, but I realized that it would still need a radar screen, since many towers have a radar, so why not just make the radar clients support tower view? Which is what I did with vSTARS, and what Gergely did with Euroscope.
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