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  1. I'm open to any convention, as long as it is "official" and works for all regions across the globe. We just need a standard that everyone can follow. Once that standard is written and adopted, and a data source is provided by VATSIM, I will update VAT-Spy to use that new standard and new data source. And this could be done for approach/departure sectors as well as center.
  2. I'll take that as a "no" ... it does not crash if you hit apply without credentials. Are you selecting an audio device?
  3. Does it crash if you hit apply without putting any credentials in?
  4. Please click on the "Details" button on the exception window, and paste the contents of the details here.
  5. Did you get any red error messages in the vPilot window? Can you send me the vmr file that you have loaded? Also, take a screenshot of the vPilot aircraft window showing an aircraft that is using the generic Asobo model when it should be using one of the rules from the VMR file. I can then look through the file to see if I can determine why it didn't use the model from the VMR file rule.
  6. That's not something that I have control over. That would be up to the developer of the aircraft. Not yet. I am waiting to hear back from the Asobo devs about how to read when the pilot presses the ident button.
  7. Depends on what you mean ... I'm considering adding a TCAS-like radar window for vPilot, but it would not be integrated into the 3D cockpit, and it wouldn't have TA/RA functionality like a real TCAS. It would just show you all aircraft around you, their callsign, relative altitude, and possibly an indication of their ground track.
  8. vPilot 2.7.0 is now available in the Beta channel or from the vPilot Downloads Page. Changes in this version include: Add support for transponder state simvar in MSFS. Change observer mode checkbox label to be more accurate. Remove stale aircraft meta data when aircraft deleted by sim. (Fixes small memory leak.) Add timeout to simconnect.dll download. Replace KittyHawk with MSFS in sim connected message. Add default model warning popup. Hide non-applicable MSFS model matching settings. Remove recent aircraft list from Connect window.
  9. I just added support for the transponder mode switch in MSFS. This is in vPilot 2.7.0 which is currently available in the Beta channel, or for direct download from the vPilot Downloads Page.
  10. No worries ... I appreciate any help you can find the time for.
  11. Xander, did you ever get a chance to try 2.5.2?
  12. I don't know. I just noticed it the other day when I was testing some third-party liveries. I don't have enough evidence that it's a real issue yet. The test that you just ran is more evidence, though ... thanks for that.
  13. Umm, no. That is not the way to have a respectful dialog with fellow developers. Anyway, Mode C is already available. I'm just waiting for Asobo to reply about how to detect the IDENT button press. Then I'll have a vPilot update that handles both Mode C and IDENT. I only sent the question a couple days ago, and it's the weekend. The dev team lead forwarded it to the other developers right away, so now I'm just waiting to hear back, and I expect it'll be soon.
  14. I think there's an issue in MSFS where it caches the last texture used for any given model. I have a test program where I create an A320 in AAL colors, then I create an A320 in JBU colors, it actually appears with the AAL colors instead. Could this be what's happening in your case? Was there a Lan Chile A319 created prior to the Easyjet A319?
  15. Okay, thanks. Sounds like the same issue others are having. I have not been able to track it down yet.
  16. If you remove your config file, does it start then?
  17. I'm already in touch with Asobo for other reasons (better transponder integration) and will bring this up at the appropriate time. I try not to bug them too much.
  18. I don't have a resolution for this issue yet, but I just want to point out that it's not a question of SimConnect transmitting information. In other SimConnect sims, the labels are created automatically when the client software creates the simobject. For whatever reason, MSFS does not do this. I haven't researched it yet, to see if there is some other way through SimConnect to cause the nameplates to appear. This hasn't been a priority since the nameplates are huge and most people I've talked to wouldn't turn them on anyway. I know there are community add-ons that make them smaller, so that'll
  19. I think Sander's point was that you don't usually get a line of aircraft all from the same airline all departing at the same time and all going to the same destination. That last part is the key. There are also major sporting events that result in a fly in. However, those events, plus the ones you mentioned, are dominated by GA aircraft, not airliners like we get during VATSIM events.
  20. I'm afraid I don't know what's causing it, then.
  21. Are you loaded into a flight or still in the hangar?
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