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  1. It will always show MSFS for all users, so that's not an issue. Is it feasible for you to reinstall FSX? Not sure how much work that would be for you. I think you should be able to reinstall it over the top of the existing installation, without the need to completely remove it first. That should save you from having to reinstall add-ons. I'm not 100% sure though, never having done so myself.
  2. vPilot finds your simulator(s) by looking in the registry to find the location where you installed the sim. It then verifies that that location actually exists and contains the FSX.exe file. If it's not finding your installation of FSX, then the appropriate registry entry is missing, or it points to a folder that doesn't exist or doesn't contain FSX.exe. Did you manually move your FSX installation to a different location on your hard drive?
  3. It's pretty likely that there will be a tool to create video maps from sector files, as there is now for vERAM and vSTARS. It's also highly possible that there will be a tool to generate video maps from AIRAC data.
  4. Except when you're doing Elvis impersonations, right?
  5. Nobody can answer this for you. It all depends on what's important to you, because both sims have their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. I think (hope) you meant that it doesn't exclusively cover LGA.
  7. "Commercial Airliner" didn't work?
  8. Then I don't know why it would reject the CRJ as the default model. I suggest you choose some other model and see if it accepts that. Maybe try "Commercial Airliner" ... that's one of the default aircraft that comes with P3D v5, and I think it's in v4 as well.
  9. No need to be so strict ... there is room for humor on the airwaves, and it happens all the time in the real world. Some controllers even welcome it. Some controllers even instigate it. You just need to pick your moments. Obviously don't be wasting air time on a busy frequency. As with everything, there's a right time and a right place.
  10. If you look in your P3D v4 installation folder, in the SimObjects folder, then in the Airplanes folder, do you see a folder called Bombardier_CRJ_700?
  11. I'm not saying you should, I'm asking if you did. What do you have set as the default model in your model matching settings in vPilot?
  12. Did you remove any of the default models that come with P3D?
  13. All pilot clients update the position every 5 seconds.
  14. Please post a link to your facility file and I'll take a look.
  15. That means that vPilot doesn't have write permissions to the ModelMatchingData.bin file which is contained in the folder where you installed vPilot. Have a look at the file permissions for that file and make sure it is writable by the user that you're logged in as when running vPilot.
  16. Sounds like maybe the custom liveries aren't installed correctly. Hard to say from the limited information I have here, but that's my best guess.
  17. Do you receive any red error messages when it tries to use those models for model matching?
  18. No, there are no logs. If the status bar is showing, and it never completes, that just means no response is being received. Does it eventually work or does it eventually show a timeout error?
  19. If the TX/RX letters are grayed out, it means that the radios are not powered or have failed. vPilot checks the SimConnect variables for Master Battery Power and Avionics Power, as well as the radio status variable. Sounds like something is messing with one or more of those variables. Does this happen with default FSX aircraft like the Cessna 172? Are you running any other SimConnect add-ons that could be interfering?
  20. Did you install the custom model matching rules?
  21. It doesn't work that way ... VAT-Spy is ready to receive the reply before the request is even made.
  22. Have you installed anything other than default planes for model matching?
  23. I'd like to keep this thread to just discussion relevant to the goal of retiring VRC and bringing about a suitable replacement. After that, we can talk about new features, in other threads. That being said, the feature you suggest is already on my list as it has been suggested before, so it will likely happen at some point, but maybe not with the first release of the new client.
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