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  1. To fix this, set your EuroScope in compatibility mode "Windows XP Service Pack 3".
  2. The blue strips are for departures, the orange strips are for arrivals.
  3. Hi Pavel, I have tried to implement this function into my controller pack a few months ago, I did have the same problem as you with MSAW, about VFR and traffic with no-FPL. I have asked Gergely, he told me it wasn't fully implemented yet, that's why you don't have anything about MSAW in the Docomeentation. Wait & See!
  4. I did actually once tried to learn this code, but I couldn't do it. I don't like how C++ is, I prefer PHP
  5. Do you have any coding experience? Is it an 'A' below transition or just an 'F' above? You could adapt my code to make a simple plugin: // Above transition, e.g. 12,950 feet if (RadarTarget.GetPosition().GetFlightLevel() >= GetTransitionAltitude() - 50) { snprintf(sItemString, 16, "F"); } else { snprintf(sItemString, 16, "A"); } https://github.com/nickbotica/SkylinePlugIn Hello, I would like to have coding experience and know how to code in C++, but I don't..
  6. Hello, In Real World on the British Radar System when the aircraft is at a Flight Level there is an F before the Flight Level, so if the aircraft is FL60 it would be F60; Like the "A" for altitude in EuroScope, could we have the "F" for Flight Level? Thanks, Matthew M.
  7. Hello all, With the Manchester Controllers, we are going to try to do a Manchester Friday Staff-Up every Friday staffing it from the very bottom of the ground to the sky of Manchester. The very first time of this staff-up will be on this Friday from 1600z to 2200z so 1700BST to 2300BST. You will have control from Delivery up to Approach and hopefully London Control. If any London Controllers are able to control London North or Scottish PC, it would be great! We already have the controllers for this friday, but if you're willing to control for the next times, feel free to t
  8. So I fixed it, for everything except "version.txt" and "SectorFileProviderDescriptor", is there a solution?
  9. The problem is, the path of theses files is not set in the profile and it was even before this beta and it worked great. But now with the new beta, it can find the files. Yes I know I can select their location, but I first want to understand why it is doing this with the new beta. Thanks,
  10. Evening, Since the new beta version of EuroScope, it is telling me it was impossible to create the file version.txt, download and create "ipaddr.txt" and a few other files such as AIRWAY, ICAO_Airlines ... What I've noticed is, EuroScope search for this files in the root of the software and not in the Docomeents -> EuroScope, so is there any way to fix these errors? "failed to create file version.txt", "Failed to open server data file", "Failed to create server data file ..." Thanks, Matthew M.
  11. My third TimeLapse, this time of The Trio Event 2016 between Dublin, Manchester & Amsterdam. Enjoy! N.B: Feel free to comment what you think of it so I can do better next time
  12. How did you manage to remove the ALERT text above the tag and only have the colours?
  13. Hello, I've found a website (ADSBExchange) which provide ADS-B coverage for free. So I have selected the co-ordinates for my airport where I would like to get the real world traffic, and I ended up with the traffic in a data file. So here is the link: http://public-api.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/AircraftList.json?lat=53.355264&lng=-2.272300&fDstL=0&fDstU=100, is there anyway I can use this data in EuroScope? Thanks,
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