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  1. Yes. It seems like if I connect to an ATC channel covering a large area or several channels at once and the transceiver count goes up, the CPU usage goes up and the sound starts breaking up more and more. Do I need a new computer? UPDATE: CPU usage doesn't go down again if I reduce the amount of channels I'm connected to, reducing the tranceiver count. It stays around 35% or more for AfV alone, sometimes jumping to 70-90% for no apparent reason even when I'm on a CTR channel with only one pilot and one ATC connected.
  2. Hi! I've been experiencing lagging sound when observing on Euroscope with AfV. Sometimes it sounds smooth, but most of the time the sound I hear on the ATC channels is slightly chopped up, and if I just pan around in Euroscope or scroll up and down in my web browser the sound starts lagging more. If I really push it and open up several more demaning tasks on the computer the sound from AfV gets totally unreadable and the client eventually crashes. My internet connection is solid and all my other programs and media - even some older fps games - run very reliably on my computer, which is a 4
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