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  1. Greetings everyone, Santo Domingo FIR is seeking to fill some key roles. Currently, we are seeking to a new Deputy Air Traffic Manager and a Training Administrator. Positions will remain available until full and this post will be updated at that time. Position details and requirements below. Deputy Air Traffic Manager The DATM is second in charge of the facility. Responsible for the administration of the facility roster. Monitors the state of the FIR. Supervises general staff roles with the exception of the training team. Works with the team on development and roll out o
  2. I took a simple approach to it. I placed it on its page as designed and than iframed the whole thing into our front page. https://santodomingo.vatcar.org I was wondering, if the script could be made to incorporate how long the controllers have been online. I think that would be a nice touch to it.
  3. Nice setup. I was able to recede it for my FIR. Works great.
  4. Hello VATSIM community. I am fairly new to coding but I have taken the time to read the forums and follow the instructions provided. I have managed to get the demo code to direct me out to the VATSIM demo system. I am able to login with the demo account and return with a message that says success. When I return to my site, it shows me raw pilot data. Could someone provide me some guidance as to what my next step is, in order to get members to actually log in to the site? The only information I need from the SSO is the user's name, pilot rating, and cid. Flight time a plus but not needed. Any h
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