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  1. I've tested it with a friend of mine, We both connected to VATSIM and spawned near each other at EGKK with the 'PMDG 737-800NGX' However apparently the model is being replaced with a default 737-200 + livery, instead of actually showing the PMDG model. Does this have something to do with PMDG not having a rule-set in vPilot? I would like to see the detailed PMDG model instead of some random 737. * I'm using the IVAO rule-set with vPilot and installed the MTL package from IVAO. Kind Regards,
  2. Good Evening, VATSIM members. Recently I downloaded the 'new' vPilot client, I have bought the PMDG 737-800NGX about two years ago, however it's being replaced with the 'Default' Airbus A321 in-game! How can I fix this problem? Kind Regards,
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