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  1. Bahrain vACC and Egypt vACC are proud to present our Bahrain - Cairo City Link! Have the chance to fly either way between these two fantastic locations with fully staffed ATC between both airports! Full ATC provided between 1500z and 1800z on Saturday the 8th of August at both HECA and OBBI! We would love to see you there and make sure to post screenshots in the various Vatsim groups! OBBI- Charts - FSX/P3D Freeware , Payware. XP Freeware Payware HECA - Charts+Scenery
  2. Ahlan! Saudi Arabian vACC and Bahrain vACC presents the Desert Link! Join the desert fun flying from OERK | Riyadh to OTHH | Doha on Friday, the 31st of July 2020. Departure slot out of Riyadh is available every 5 minutes from 1500z to 1800z, flight booking is available HERE. OERK Scenery FSX/P3D | Free OERK Scenery XP| Free OERK Scenery FSX/P3D | Paid OTHH Scenery FSX/P3D | Free OTHH Scenery XP | Free OTHH Scenery FSX/P3D | Paid OERK Charts OTHH Charts Flight Booking
  3. Bahrain vACC and Egypt vACC are proud to bring you our Resort Getaway event! Fly from Bahrain from Bahrain International (OBBI) to either Egyptian Holiday destination, Sharm El Sheikh (HESH) or Hurghada (HEGN). This is the perfect event to try out package holiday or charter airlines! Full ATC from Departure at OBBI to arrival at both HESH and HEGN! Depart from OBBI between 1400-1600z. Charts and Scenery: OBBI Freeware FSX Payware FSX/P3D Freeware XP Payware XP | Charts HESH HEGN
  4. Lebanon vACC and Bahrain vACC are proud to present our Beirut to Doha event! Depart one of the oldest cities in the world, which has been inhabited for over 5000 years, bound for the grand capital of Qatar, Doha. Expect full ATC for the whole event and use this opportunity to try your hand at VIP jet flying from a small biz jet to one of the worlds largest private airliners! Depart Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport (OLBA) at 1600z for the 3 hour flight to Doha Hamad International (OTHH). See you there! Full ATC provided 1600z-2000z Route: LEBOR R655 KTN A21 TAN G202 RAPLU
  5. Location: Doha Hamad International OTHH Help Steffan (me) get his S2 Certification on Friday the 26th of June at 1600z! IFR and VFR welcome! OTHH Charts Scenery: FSX/P3D Freeware FSX/P3D Payware XP Freeware
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