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  1. Are there plans to include SUP and ADM times to the /ratings/{id}/rating_times/ call? I noticed they were not included in this but were available with the old idstatusrat.
  2. Thanks for all your hard work Gary. Hopefully those problems can be solved easily. I’m also looking forward to full integration into the controller clients as well.
  3. Thanks for posting this up! We appreciate you flying in and out of CVG and always enjoy having you on frequency! Joe
  4. I went and checked my settings and my default output is the same as what I use for AFV. I don't recall ever hearing a bong sound as you describe. When I think of a bong sound I think of the sound vATIS makes when it has an atis update. I am running v1.6.32 which I think is the latest version? Maybe a better solution would also have the icon on the taskbar flash in addition just in case someone has different audio settings than their default device?
  5. I have noticed sometimes when I have been controlling that my AFV client for VRC/vERAM sometimes disconnects randomly. When this happens would it be possible to have a sound play that lets the controller know that they have been disconnected from voice? I know sometimes I don't have that screen in the foreground and cannot see that I have been disconnected and begin wondering why its so silent all of a sudden.
  6. I would say make the VATSIM P1 test mandatory for all new pilots. Nothing is more frustrating to controllers seeing how much training we have to go through but there is no accountability for pilots.
  7. If you are using FSUIPC5 makes sure you are using v5.112 or later.
  8. One thing I really liked about the old site was that you could pull up multiple airports in one search. Will this functionality be brought back to the new site?
  9. Go to a DMV office. You'll notice that they care a great deal about proof of identity, residence and citizenship and want specific docomeentation for each. At least in my state, they cannot use the same information I provided to them at my previous renewal. Oddly enough, they don't seem interested in whether I still know the rules of the road. That might provide a clue regarding the true purpose of licensure. The challenge with examinations is that once you put together the entire list of all the things that ATC complains about, you are far beyond the P1. Cheers! Luke They
  10. The bottom line is it doesn't matter whether or not the person "cheated". You really expect someone to memorize all 8 pages of the COC, 116 pages of the COR and all the different pages covered in the PRC just to take the test? That is outrageous if you ask me. The test should be open book and open note because they will have gone to look up the information and taken some initiative on their own. This would not fix all pilot incompetencies by any means. It would help with how to interact with controllers while in actively controlled airspace. Well at least these pilots know where
  11. If people were reading and comprehending the whole email then I don't think we would be having this discussion about whether or not pilots need a rating to fly. The P1 would make sure they know where to find information since they would have to answer questions based on information found in the PRC, COC and COR. It could be another case of leading a horse to water but you can't make him drink but at least we know that they have viewed the material. I also think that people who come on the network to learn would be more likely to research concepts and procedures that are presented to them
  12. I fly and contol on the network and I am on the side of pilots should at least go through the vatsim academy and get their P1 so they at least have an understanding of basic requirements to fly on the network and where to get help if they need it. I know I have encountered many new pilots on the network who have no idea these resources exist. Controllers will always help out new pilots if they don't understand something or have questions, but I believe that we should put more responsibility on the pilot.
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