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  1. Happy to report I was able to solve the problem by uninstalling Nahimic.
  2. Made a short clip demonstrating the issue. Would be good to know if it's an xPilot issue or an HP issue. However as mentioned above, since it's working fine in Windows and picking up sound just fine, that to me would indicate the issue is with xPilot or maybe rather AFV as suggested by Justin. I hope there's some way to fix this.
  3. [MOD: Merged to AFV Support forum. Original topic text below] The new HP Reverb G2 microphone doesn't pick up any sound in xPilot even when it's working fine when tested in Windows 10. I asked about it over in the xPilot forum and Justin thought it might be a compatibility issue with AFV. Considering the popularity of this new VR headset, it would be a great shame if people wouldn't be able to fully use it when flying on Vatsim. Here's a link to the thread over in the xPilot forum for more details.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me Justin. That's what it's set to as seen below. So if this means it's an AFV incompatibility, is that something you could report to the guys working on AFV or maybe there's somewhere I could do it myself? Considering how popular the HP Reverb G2 VR headset is, it would be a really sad thing if people wouldn't be able to fully enjoy it on Vatsim.
  5. Just tried out the suggestion to tune both COM1 and COM2 to the same freq and then transmitted on COM1. Worked like a charm for testing 👍 However, the original problem remains, how the HP Reverb G2 microphone won't work with xPilot for whatever reason. What I noticed now when doing more testing is how the peak level indicator for the microphone in xPilot won't move at all when selecting the HP Reverb G2 microphone. When looking at the similar and built-in peak level indicator in Windows 10 at the same time, keeping the windows next to each other while testing, I see how the microphone pic
  6. Brilliant! Will try that. Won't fix the problem but at least allow for easier testing.
  7. A follow-up question - is it somehow possible to hear what your voice will sound like in xPilot using some form of local test? Instead of pestering busy ATC with endless 'Radio checks'?
  8. I received my HP Reverb G2 VR headset a couple of days ago and today, I was trying it out in regards of xPilot and the built-in microphone(s). When I did a radio check, I was told by ATC they only heard static noise when I was transmitting. Using another microphone, all worked fine. I find this odd. Because before trying it out with xPilot, I tried it locally with the built-in Voice Recorder in Windows 10. Listening to my recording, the quality was perfect and I could hear my voice just fine. So I'm not really sure why xPilot doesn't seem to like the microphone(s) in the HP Reverb G2 and
  9. Noticed the last couple of days how the performance is really, really slow. Anyone knows what's going on?
  10. Since my last post above, I've seen how there's now a 'Back' button to get back to the map after checking out the details for a flight which is brilliant! However, still issue seems to be there if you check the details of an airport. Once you've brought the details up, I don't see how you can close that information and get back to the normal map.
  11. Hello @Maius Wong @Maius Wong 1088939 or anyone else working on the map.vatsim.net website. I've used this map for quite some time now and have a couple of suggestions: - would be nice if the options you choose from the toolbar on the left plus the map location and zoom level would be remembered between sessions - would be nice if you had an option to display aircraft labels such as callsign etc on the map without having to hover with the mouse cursor over the aircraft - would be nice if you were able to go back to the map without loosing all your settings after you checked the d
  12. As said earlier, no big deal really and I'll just try to remember making sure I'm connected 🙂
  13. Having a visual cue is a good idea but wouldn't have helped me since I fly in VR. And fact is there's already a visual cue if you have the task bar in Windows set to hide automatically. Then it will show and the icon for xPilot will be highlighted when you're disconnected. As for people who don't care to check out what options are available to fix an issue they're having or not reading the documentation, it's sad if we allow those to be the ones that decide what our software should be like or stop us from implementing good features Also (and again), including an option to make a soun
  14. Having an option that is disabled by default. Meaning nothing would change from the way it currently is unless you enable the option. To me, that sounds like a good solution. However, I guess the easiest way to avoid what happened to me is to simply make sure you're connected 😉
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