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  1. Have a look http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=54246&start=120 where I've been discussing model matching issues and how to be in control of FSInn and the way it chooses models rather than FSInn being in control of you giving you all kind of strange models that just doens't make sense. At this point I'm finally able to make FSInn do exactly what I want and choose the models I want it to choose using the methods I describe in that other thread. I don't have any recent experience using SB myself but now using this new technique with FSInn I must say I'm very happy about
  2. Will it be possible to have ATC sound both in your headset and main speakers at the same time using this new client just like you can in today's FSInn/VVL?
  3. Exactly the way I see it. Personally I don't care what network I'm on to be honest being a member of both IVAO and Vatsim for many, many years. What I'm interested in is to share my interest simulating flight in the best and most realistic way with as many others as possible, the more people both pilots and ATC the better since that will more resemble real world OPS. To reach this goal having a client that works really well is fundamental.
  4. Maybe I should have tried SB rather than FSInn, sound like a very simple installation! In all honesty the installation of FSInn is rather simple as well with the exception of some "tricks" you need to perform, the main problem if you ask me is the model matching and to me this is one of the most important things when flying online. I can't even tell you how sick I am seeing all kinds of aircraft and airlines picked by the client in what often seem to be a totally random way with no logic at all backing up the decision. I've looked through the selection rules FSInn uses for model matching a
  5. I too think this is very true! IMHO VATSIM really is in desperate need of a new client that will work "out-of-the-box" in a much higher degree than the current clients and especially looking at the model matching.
  6. +1 Thanks for the info and all the great work you guys are doing!!
  7. Deleted, found the answer in the thread. Can't wait for this client, I think it will be absolutely great and just the thought of finally getting rid of the model matching mess in current pilot clients thanks to the upcoming repository makes me more than happy!! Is there a rough ETA for this new client?
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