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  1. Do you install the latest Alpha on top of the version already installed? Or do you need to first uninstall the current version?
  2. Very happy to see a new xPilot is available to try out! I'm currently on and just had this nasty crash midair. Was a first though and hopefully whatever caused it might have already been fixed in Edited to add, when I got this, it didn't actually crash xPilot. That one kept running saying it was waiting for a connection to X-Plane after I pressed the 'Retry' button. Instead, it made X-Plane hang. Below is the last part of log.txt from X-Plane if of any use to you. xPilot 13:19:52.294: Path initialized: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/xPilot/Resources/related.txt
  3. I started using xPilot a while ago after having used swift for a long time. One thing I was very happy to see was how there's now some VR support built into xPilot where you can bring up menus such as who's online as well as text messages. This is truly awesome!! One thing I haven't figured out yet though is the best way to see a text message from ATC asking you to contact them on a certain freq when you're in VR? If it's even possible? I guess I was kind of hoping such messages would show up in the text message window you can bring up in VR. That doesn't seem to be the case though I lear
  4. Noticed when I press the 'Fetch from server' button the first time, nothing happens. Then pressing it a second time, my filed FP is fetched. Of course a very minor issue but still wanted to report it. One of those things you can look into on a rainy day with nothing else to do...like that would ever happen 😄
  5. I'm on and first of all I want to say HUGE thanks for implementing menus that can be brought up in VR mode. Meaning you're able to see text messages and controller freqs without having to take the VR glasses off. THANKS!! One very minor thing though I've noticed is how it takes two attempts to bring up the menus after you've done it the first time. I'm not sure, maybe it's related to having switched between VR/2D? Anyway, when I first launch xPilot and X-Plane, I can bring up the menu showing who's online as well as the text messages box without a problem. However, now on a s
  6. That's awesome, many thanks! Fact is I noticed another thing after writing my last post. When restarting both X-Plane and xPilot, xPilot will automatically add the default path back in again. Maybe related to what you already found but still wanted to mention it.
  7. Got this after I tried closing and then restarting xPilot when X-Plane was already running. I'm on xPilot and X-Plane 11.41. I then tried closing X-Plane before trying to restart xPilot but still got the same thing. Only way I could think of to get around this was to restart my PC. Log Name: Application Source: Application Hang Date: 2020-04-19 05:06:10 Event ID: 1002 Task Category: (101) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: TheNest Description: The program xPilot.exe version stopped interacting with Windows
  8. This is good advice and I might try it even when I seem to get good matches using the default folder structure. Speaking of organizing your CSL models, I'm trying to separate own CSL models from the Bluebell CSL models. Where I normally only want xPilot to use the Bluebell CSL models. I've tried accomplishing this by putting in two separate CSL paths. To test this, I tried not checking the Bluebell path as seen below but still I get all Bluebell CSL models in X-Plane when connected. I thought xPilot wouldn't use the models in a path where 'Enabled' isn't checked?
  9. How is the reactivation done, just by a few clicks or is more required? Thinking about all trolls connecting to Vatsim only to cause issues for others. And how it would be very nice with the new P0 requirements in place if former trolls won't be able to keep connecting to Vatsim using accounts they already created.
  10. I read 22% of all active Vatsim accounts have never logged on to the network. That is a huge amount! Wouldn't it make sense to delete (or at least lock) accounts that haven't been used for x amount of time?
  11. Hello Robert, I'm well aware of what you say about the differences between swift and xPilot. As for customization, I don't expect being able to do the same thing in xPilot as I can do within swift. What I was hoping for though is to at least be able to do what the docomeentation for xPilot suggests, being able to define custom path(s) for my CSL models. Just need to figure out why it's not working where xPilot is injecting the traffic (based on the visible labels when enabled) but no visual aircraft models. Another audio related issue I just found is it looks like you're not able t
  12. Hello and sorry for my late reply. Didn't get a notification about your post for whatever reason even when I'm subscribed to this thread. Just gave it another go and guess you're right because this time both ATC and ATIS audio worked normally. Very happy about that! The issue remaining is the model matching issue described in my first post. Where xPilot insists picking a CSL model I don't want it to use unless someone is actually using the ICAO airline code in their callsign [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with this particular CSL model. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to "tel
  13. Waking this one up since I just started using xPilot again and have a hard time making xPilot use my CSL models unless they are in their default location. I currently have my CSL folder in the root of my F: drive and have tried to put in both F:\CSL\Bluebell as well as F:/CSL/Bluebell but I get zero models displayed when I connect to the network. I do get the aircraft labels though if I have them enabled. So the aircraft models are injected, it's just that they won't show up. Could really need some help here even when it seems like the most trivial issue. Main reason I want to dict
  14. An update to my post above. I've now managed to get the ATC sound working without having the X-Plane ATIS Switch plugin installed. Managed to get this far by re-installing the plugin, disabling it, exiting out of X-Plane, removing the plugin, restarting X-Plane. Still don't get any ATIS sound though even when there's an active ATIS provided by ATC.
  15. Hello guys! I have two issues with xPilot where I could need some help from you experts in here. First, I all of a sudden lost audio. Both for ATIS and ATC. I see how the RX light is blinking when receiving transmissions, I just don't hear anything in my speakers. I found this very strange since it was working just fine the day before when I installed it. I then realized what had changed - I got rid of a plugin called X-Plane ATIS Switch used to block X-Plane ATIS when flying online on Vatsim. I then tried reinstalling this plugin and the audio in xPilot was back. But surely you mu
  16. A related question. I've changed DEFAULT_AC_TYPE in XPilot.prf to B462 but what livery will be used? Is there a way for me to control that or how is the choice of livery made?
  17. What is the correct syntax when entering the path to your CSL models if you don't want them in the default ...\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\xPilot\Resources\CSL location? In my case, I want the CSL folder under F:\X-Plane 11\CSL. Would the correct path in this case be F:/X-Plane/CSL using a colon and forward slashes? I saw an example somewhere and how forward slashes were used.
  18. 0.9.3 is still in Alpha and hasn't been all that stable I had confirmed by one of the developers. Might try it out though.
  19. I went back to swift after trying out xPilot for a couple of days where there are some nasty bugs causing it to CTD. Now I'm on and keep getting this when I connect to VATSIM. Doesn't seem to cause any issues though but still would like to understand what it means.
  20. Did you check the Windows Event Viewer Application log?
  21. Not sure if there's a dedicated forum for this one somewhere? One thing I'm missing is the ability to change the audio devices 'on-the-fly' without having to first disconnect. In the same way you can in both swift and xPilot. Would be awesome if this functionality could be added to the stand-alone client as well.
  22. I've searched for a setting for labels in the GUI to no avail. The only way I've found disabling labels is via the X-Plane-Plugins-xswiftbus menu. Problem is as has been mentioned the setting is not remembered. Meaning you'll have to do this for every flight. Tonight, I upgraded to 0.9.2 hoping this would have been fixed but seems that's not the case unfortunately. If there indeed is a setting for this also in the GUI somewhere, I would be very happy if someone could point it out to me. Maybe I overlooked it.
  23. Great to hear this issue has been identified and that you'll hopefully be able to figure out what's causing it. I had the same problem tonight reported in another thread.
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