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  1. Using the BB models with swift, you need BB_IVAO_vert_offsets_1.2.4 to avoid online aircraft models around you appear as sunken into the ground or floating above it. I wonder if this offset fix will be required with xPilot as well. Anyone who knows?
  2. One thing that would be super useful is being able to see information about online ATC. Such as freq, ATIS for controlled airports etc. If you haven't already, do check out Vattastic which is a great web-based service for some ideas for your app.
  3. Thank you so much for this new app! Will use it heavily going forward and look forward to see how it will further mature with more features being added to it etc
  4. Better voice system and pilot entry exams coming, that is wonderful news!! As for the pilot entry exams, where did you get that information from - is it made public with a link somewhere?
  5. Nice to see someone who really wish to fly online and learn the required communication! What you suggest having events where people new to online flying and communication could learn seems like a great idea to me! This in combination with some courses and training. As mentioned before, there's already that for ATC. And has always been to the best of my knowledge. So would be great to have the same for new pilots. IMO, people like you who are new to online flying but are willing to learn is certainly not the big problem here. Quite the opposite really. This since the more people we are,
  6. Thanks for sharing your interesting story! I'll keep my fingers crossed implementing some kind of mandatory and basic test for pilots will be revisited by the management. Not just to increase the overall quality on the network, but also to hinder spammers only online to mess around and spoil the fun for the rest.
  7. Thanks but since I wrote that question back in March, I already found your Discord server. Thx anyway I can also confirm you don't need any AI models enabled in X-Plane to see TCAS traffic using swift. At least not in the Zibo mod.
  8. Yeah, would be interesting to know! I haven't heard anything since I signed up saying I'm interested in participating a couple of weeks ago.
  9. What pilot client(s) are you referring to and also, in what aircraft?
  10. Thanks Mike! In the end, it's about all of us being able to fully enjoy the amazing environment VATSIM is for anyone interested in simulating flight in a realistic way. Let's hope those who take decisions listen and take what has been discussed here under consideration.
  11. Yep, really looking forward to the new audio codec as well as the new swift client! The way I understand it, they will go a bit hand-in-hand release-wise. What is most important on VATSIM though based on what has been discussed here, IMO, that is for pilots to learn from what has been said here on how you don't interrupt ongoing communication, wait for a couple of seconds before you speak to make sure you won't interrupt etc. To me, that is much more of a problem vs the audio quality itself...or lack thereof.
  12. That's really great input Nick! Thanks for posting sharing your thoughts in such a tasteful way.
  13. Hi Andreas, OK, haven't had time trying out Swift on a proper flight yet but would be interesting to know if you still need AI models in X-Plane enabled to have online and nearby traffic show up on your TCAS. One of the guys working on the Swift client confirmed you do need to have AI models enabled in X-Plane but yet someone else said TCAS traffic shows up even with AI disabled. As for the Zibo mod, it seems the number of AI models you have in X-Plane equals the number of traffic that can simultaneously display on TCAS. So, if you only have one AI model in X-Plane, you will only s
  14. Thanks for all great input guys! Apparently, it's not just me who has seen this a bit too many times. Hopefully, this topic can serve as a hint and reminder for VATSIM management it's time to do something about it. Such as introducing the mandatory tests for pilots as suggested. And again, that would have nothing to do with elitism but pure common sense. Asking people to show they understand common sense and comply with certain rules and regulations created for everyone's sake won't make you a bad person. And again nr 2, introducing such mandatory tests would also get rid of all lo
  15. Exactly. It's really easy and to me common sense and yet you hear these kind of things on VATSIM 7 days a week. That's why I decided to start this topic and raise my voice. Thank you for doing the same Michael by responding!
  16. That I understand but great they are at least aware of it and hopefully consider it down the road
  17. Maybe you can p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] it on to the right people then
  18. I hear you and I'm happy you'll take it under consideration. I also understand it's a delicate question which needs to be handled in a respectful manner. But I personally don't think asking people who would like to participate to show they understand the basics has anything to do with elitism. Rather common sense. In the end, I guess it mainly comes down to what VATSIM wants to be - a playground for people who likes to fool around or a grown up community for people seriously interested in aviation and flight simulation.
  19. I honestly never understood why there haven't been mandatory tests for pilots already from start in the same way they've always been there for ATC. I do understand how acting like ATC does require more of you directly from start vs taking off in a C172 doing a lap or two. Still though, I do think everyone would benefit from having basic tests for everyone on the network. And as a bonus as mentioned in my initial post, it would also help defeat those connecting simply to make life miserable for the rest.
  20. Thanks for the valuable input! Let's hope what you say will prove to be correct and as for people unintentionally stepping on each other's toes, I know exactly what you mean. As long as it's caused by latency issues it's fine although annoying. Especially in a very busy situation with lots of traffic such as a fly-in event. What isn't fine is how a pilot for instance breaks in right after ATC gave another pilot a clearance before the first pilot had a chance to read the clearance back. This could of course be because the 2nd pilot just joined the frequency and didn't hear ATC givin
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