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  1. In other cases is wise to ask for fuel, but on this case is obvious the a/c has enough fuel on board since he is departing. Probably the pilot need to use the jettison system or fly for at least one hour or maybe more to waste the extra fuel and get back safely to the ground; this is in those cases were weight is over landing-weight. When declaring an emergency, fuel should be given in time remaining. When FOB information is relayed to ARFF, sit should be given in pounds or gallons, not time remaining. *edited for accuracy, thanks for pointing that out... hadn't yet taken my head out
  2. It's really not that hard. I'd urge anyone interested in creating these files to do it old school, trial and error style. Like I said, it's really not that difficult. Someone with the initiative to learn something like that on their own is of great value to the network.
  3. KBNA - 4 arrivals, 3 departures. Thanks for the traffic guys!
  4. Seems the corridor can be spotty at times. I intend on controlling if duty doesn't call.
  5. Just to throw this out here... but it doesn't help when VA's get shut down that have a major hub in your airspace [e.g. Northwest, FedEx]. We saw much more traffic from these guys when they were still an entity and not individual guys who decide to do a NW leg. I am aware that virtual NW does exist to some extent, but traffic did take a big hit when these guys went down. Memphis without NW and FedEx = ghost town.
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