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  1. Here's something similar to your link, it doesn't have the airports on the map, but as long as you know what state it's in then you're good. Each ARTCC is linked to its website. http://www.zmeartcc.org/regions.html
  2. Oh. Well that's just absurd, and would increase workload even more, as you then have to contact and radar id the a/c departing from those airports anyway, i.e. if no approach control is online. I agree, and would be against any such policy at any artcc.
  3. I think he was alluding to this post, which would basically make ZLA a high sector only dealing with enroute operations rather than handling approach and departure duties.
  4. That would be the date VATSIM opened these forums. [Or the date they registered everyone]
  5. http://www.vatusa.org/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=PN_Content&file=index&req=visit&artid=8
  6. Indicated - read off the airspeed indicator True- actual speed the aircraft moves through undisturbed air Ground- aircraft's speed over the ground
  7. http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=5397 If you're wanting to control in CA, you should post on that forum and not every single VATSIM forum.
  8. Good luck designing the new site, you'll need it!
  9. If you need more help, just post again and we'll get ya going.
  10. ZME invites fellow VATSIM members to attend their September 11th Memorial Event. ZME plans on fully staffing Memphis Int'l [KMEM] as well as other TRACON's in ZME airspace. Activities will conclude at Memphis Int'l with fly-overs courtesy of Southwest VA and the Virtual United States Air Force. An itenerary for the event will be posted on the ZME Event page. For more information, questions, or comments please visit ZMEARTCC.ORG and/or contact the ZME Staff. Time: September. 11, 2005, 2100z-0100z Place: ZME: KMEM - Memphis Int'l Website: ZME ARTCC Events
  11. We are starting to receive applications, so if you are, in fact interested, be sure to send yours ASAP.
  12. Read above this thread Dustin... This forum is not a place that we are accepting suggestions... I understood perfectly that you couldn't submit suggestions here before I submitted my post, but this thread gives others something to think about before they submit theirs as I did. I would hope that everyone reads threads before replying as I do.
  13. Just to throw out an unwanted opinion... but I voted for St. Louis, MO. And to justify my choice: - Near the geographical center of the U.S. - Tourist attractions - St. Louis is where it all started with Archie League at Lambert Field
  14. ZME - Memphis ARTCC Position Open: Website Designer Memphis ARTCC is now accepting applications for the position of website designer. ZME will be upgrading the site in order to suit the growing needs of controllers and pilots. The applicant should be well qualified and possess a strong knowledge of modern website design. The applicant should be available to upgrade/design the site without long delays. A working knowledge of databases and php is required. To apply, send an e-mail to the ZME Staff [To:[email protected] CC:[email protected]] The e-mail should include: Contact Informat
  15. Just a heads up, I ran a VATUSA controller search using your cid and nothing came up. I'd contact one of the VATUSA staff, their e-mail addresses can be found on the website.
  16. I'll be in D.C. th 7-10th, wish I could make it to the convention.
  17. In the US you would actually be getting clearance to enter cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] b airspace from the approach controller. The phraseology would go something like... "Memphis approach, N123AB is 40nm S of MEM, 4500 feet, request permission transition through bravo airspace." The controller would then grant or deny your request. If leaving cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] b airspace and you have not requested further VFR flight following APP/DEP control would terminate your radar service and change you to advisory frequency... "N123AB, you are leaving bravo airspace, radar service terminated, squawk
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