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  1. Hi, By extensive testing and a process of elimination. All my home network was also working OK, or that is what I thought. But after the extensive testing proved otherwise! Found out that my desktop switch was the culprit. When I connected my laptop (wired network connection) network cable directly to the router, the problem went away. So the only thing that was connected between the router and my laptop was the desktop switch. Went out and bought a new desktop switch and reconnected everything and the issue was resolved. Hope this helps. Kind regards,
  2. Hi, Just an update on my FSD socket error disconnects that I was having a couple of days ago. Issue is fixed. After a lot of testing, it turned out to be a hardware problem. More specifically it was a faulty desktop switch in my network which I have had to replace. No more disconnects with FSD socket error. What a relief. 😅 Kind regards,
  3. Hi, I've recently experienced regular disconnects in my pilot clients, both in xPilot as in Swift. The errors are FSD socket errors and I've had this on several servers (Both US servers, both Germany servers, both UK servers). On the Canada and Singapore servers also, but my connections remain active longer. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there anything I can do my end to eliviate this issue? Thanks! Update: here is a speedtest via Megapath just after a disconnect with socket error... Bear in mind I'm connecting from Europe. Kind regards,
  4. Just an update to my last message. After getting a very usefull tip from one of the members on the xPilot discord support channel, it turned out that LittleNavMap, or more specifically the plugin LittleXPConnect that is used with it, was the culprit. There is an update of this plugin available at https://github.com/albar965/littlexpconnect/releases which resolves this issue. Kind regards,
  5. Hi Tom, In my case both Xpilot and Active Sky are the latest versions. Like I said in my previous post I resolved the problem by deactivating the Xpilot TCAS. I also heard that the latest version of Active Sky had fixed the problems related of old TCAS datarefs being referenced in Xplane. That's why I was wondering if this was not a simular issue that Xpilot is facing? Kind regards,
  6. I'm using version 1.3.19 with the latest XP11.50 Vulkan beta 14 and tonight I had the issue that it kept causing Xplane to CTD a couple of minutes after connecting to the Vatsim servers. This is the case when there is a lot of traffic nearby (ie at a busy airport). This issue does not seem to occur when there are only 1 or 2 other aircraft nearby. This issue could only be resolved by disabling the Xpilot TCAS. I do not have another TCAS system, nor do I have Reality XP GTN's installed. I recall reading on the Internet that the add-on Active Sky for XP also had simular issues with the TCAS
  7. Hi, You can also use a virtual sound mixing panel such as Voicemeeter Banana. You can find more information on their website (https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm). Just started using this after seeing this being mentioned in another forum post here on Vatsim and it's just great for this purpose! Kind regards,
  8. No changes were made to the audio code in the update. Hi Justin, Found the solution! It was not in the privacy settings. I clicked on the 'problems and solutions' button for the microphone in the Windows sound settings and it found something. After that I started xPilot and I got no more errors. It's strange because I know that I haven't changed anything in the Windows sound settings this whole week! Murphy must have been lurking around when the update was being installed. Kind regards,
  9. Hi Robert, Checked my privacy settings for microphone and Xpilot is still there in the list. Kind regards, The only time I've seen this error happen is if Windows is blocking microphone access to xPilot. Have you installed any Windows updates or audio driver updates recently? Do you have any antivirus software running that could be blocking microphone access? Hi Robert, Thursday with the previous version it was still working. There has been no Windows updates the last couple of days and the anti-virus software AVAST has not been changed either. Today when I fired up xPi
  10. Hi Robert, Checked my privacy settings for microphone and Xpilot is still there in the list. Kind regards,
  11. Hi, After update I'm getting following error when starting xPilot. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ft5UwLhC9HwuOKaHa8gnD4oHpr-TKmoj Was not getting this in the previous version. Kind regards,
  12. Hi, Thanks for the replies. What about the pattern altitude, is there a difference for fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft? Not all airport charts provide this information. Kind regards,
  13. Hi, I've been reading up on the subject of traffic patterns around airfields and I've found there are some small differences between US and Europe. For example in the US it's general practice to enter the pattern at non-towered airfields at 45° angle at mid-field on the downwind leg. In Europe this is done at the start of the downwind leg instead of mid-field. For the pattern altitude this is in the US for fixed-wing aircraft 1000 feet AGL and for rotor-wing aircraft 500 feet. I could only find on the internet that in Europe for fixed-wing aircraft the general standard pattern is als
  14. Hi Dave, As per the recent change to the Code of Conduct (Section B4) https://www.vatsim.net/docomeents/code-of-conduct Hi Tomas, Thanks for the heads up! Kind regards, Dave
  15. Hi, Just wanted an update on this. I've been on Vatsim for quite some time, previously with Satco. I was away for a couple of years, but have returned now that I'm retired. Before my absence, it was the procedure to only activate mode C when one was lining up on the rwy for departure. After landing it was customary to set squawk mode on standby once the active runway was vacated. Since my return this year, I seem to get the impression that it's customary to activate mode C when one commences to taxi to the runway. On arrival standby is set only when one has reached the stand/gate. Is t
  16. Hi Justin, Like I said in my previous post, I don't notice anything special when running the software. I only noticed it in the Windows application logs. X-plane and xPilot runs without any crashes or warning messages. Just wondering though why these log events are being generated in teh Windows logs. This can also happen if the xPilot client software is NOT running. What I mean is the xPilot external EXE application. But then again the xPilot plugin (XPL) is always running, is it not. Kind regards, Dave
  17. Hi, I am getting regularly the following errors in the applications log of the Windows system logs: Logboeknaam: Application Bron: Application Error Datum: 22/11/2019 11:04:38 Gebeurtenis-id:1000 Taakcategorie: (100) Niveau: Fout Trefwoorden: Kl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]iek Gebruiker: n.v.t. Computer: msilaptop Beschrijving: Naam van toep[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing met fout: X-Plane.exe, versie:, tijdstempel: 0x5dbc2188 Naam van module met fout: xPilot.xpl, versie:, tijdstempel: 0x5dc2db08 Uitzonderingscode: 0xc0000005 Fout
  18. Yes, right now UNICOM is text only. Kind regards, Dave
  19. Hi, I just stumbled onto this thread. I can understand the frustrations when UNICOM is not being used as it should be. I would like however to mention the fact that in some cases it's not easy to fly and type in text in the UNICOM channel at the same time. I've just recently started to fly heli's in flight sims (P3D and X-plane) and I can tell you trying to fly a heli and type in text is not easy. If you have a SAS you might be able to accomplish this, but without it I would think that it's not very do-able without crashing. So in such a case I think voice UNICOM would certainly be a great
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