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  1. In Process client can also run on different cores, FSInn does (and core load balancing). There is a difference between threads and processes. Hacking into a game is never the first choice, but ask all the users on a single full screen MSFS machine if they like to go out of process. Another solution would be to hack out of process into the DirectX rendering engine. But this takes a complete new level of complication and skill, very few application developers in the software world succeeded in. And I am not talking about out of process FSUIPC offset address tinkering, a complete different level
  2. Luke, social analysis: ++1 technical analysis: --1 You need trying to develop a pilot client in Java/C# to see what I mean. You definitely need to have a look to FS and OS API's. FSInn actually took advantage of VB6, but because it compiles to native code and is only used for the user interface. When you decide to live in a completely protected VM world, you can't expect to efficiently hack arround the native API that gives you not the features you desperately need. The FS client world is a real time world, you need saving every extra time consuming bit you can get. Remember that you
  3. For me as an not NDA'ed technically interested person, this is a an obvious matter And further in my opinion, a reason for the whole NDA existing thing. It is just the coincidence of sequence of historic events. As background information RogerWilco server and client technology are still owned by the gamespy company. Nothing said There are still some approved clients depending on the standalone AVC with its RW protocol interface. I didn't remember any NOTAM of a revoked approval. quoted from gamespy: "....Roger Wilco is now published by GameSpy Industries, creators of the wide
  4. Oh, no! This Net Specific Callsign has a very special function, don't set it. This isn't intended to be used on the VATSIM network, it is more likely usefull for VA FSD networks.
  5. No this isn't how it works. The flightplan aircraft code has nothing to do with what the clients are sending to each other (a seperated information packet). Also the pilot clients isn't involved here, it is the server that stores the last used flightplan for a callsign. For all clients you need to submit the flightplan to the server manualy, there is no automatism.
  6. I am living 15km (~10miles) from KQAK and you will not succeed to find that airport in the U.S at all For more confusion this site is also more likely governed by the U.K military and is not on U.K. territory at all. Must be a very small airport, because I never heard of it before I got some METAR sources from tha NOAA servers. You will find it in central Europe (E -): "Lat: 51.92N, Lon: 8.75E ICAO Used: KQAK" So "K - Contiguous USA" isn't always the case. http://www.aviador.es/fields.php?country=USA-MIL
  7. You somehow made your headset a Windows standard sound device which is queried by the PMDG.
  8. Martin, you know that I am mostly opposed to many of your decisions, but for the recent fight and the consequences you have choosen, I owe you deep respect for. I know for what you have been fighting for. Good luck and keep enjoying online flightsimulation!
  9. Get the word "pack" out of mind. FSInn uses any aircraft being able to be rendered by FSX. Just download what you like to see, FSInn will use that. Free you mind of the SB3 way of model matching.
  10. Yes, you just need to fly in the former USSR states like russia, ukraine... and other metric airspaces here on VATSIM.
  11. See our site at www.mcdu.com . You will find all software you need for a private network. Except ASRC, which you need to substitude by the old ProController ATC client. ProController can be found at AVSIM as far as I am informed.
  12. Hi Martin, thank you very much for your action in the other thread! (http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?p=84293#84293) I noticed your are arround here now and observing. Please contact me! I really would like to have a solution for my problem. Anyhow, anywhere and anyone who can help me, should contact me! But I really need some answers to my request in the mentioned thread. I need clarification about my future situation. Let us keep this thread on topic, please. And confirm you have read this, before closing eventually again. Desperatly looking for improvement, Alex
  13. Daniel, there is some misunderstanding. I just wanted to make Jean-Louis clear, that VATSIM is living thru its human volunteers. These volunteers doing the best out of their time to provide us users all these services. It is not my intention to hijack Jean-Louis thread here, but now I need to clearify my situation. My very personal problem is, that I am waiting for a pretest (precheck) for more than 4 months. And waiting for a mentor checking this, for some more. After the pretest I am going to applicate for the practical checkout and I will be put on another list. I have been told this li
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