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  1. So i've been having this issue for a while, today I did a full reinstall of vERAM right after doing a full reinstall of my realtek audio drivers from ASUS. This seemed to do the trick. Thanks.
  2. Hi I've been using vSTARS and now vERAM for a while. I've been having this bug for a while, where after about an hour or two any sound that triggers gets repeated about 30 times. So for example handoff sound goes off then keeps repeating. The same happens with vSTARS so its not just isolated to vERAM. For vSTARS its easy to restart and pick up tracks but this is not the case for vERAM. I was wondering if there was any fix or if possibly its the drivers on my computer? What is a bit weird to me is it seems to happen to both vSTARS and vERAM and im guessing they using similar sound implemena
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